School of Dragons: How to Train Your Dragon – Useful Tips

I have some seriously good tips to show you. Reaching from Gems to mini-games. I highly recommend this to new players and beginner players. 

Pro Tips

All credit goes to xBlizzards!


As hard as this is to say, the game is a huge cash grab. To get stables and dragons easily you require membership. Now. Before you start buying membership, read this guide, I want you to know what you can achieve before spending valuable money on membership. Membership allows you to access all the best quests, which is a pain. I gained thousands of EXP and Money by spending hours doing the member quests. I got almost 20+ new dragons from it as well as 5 stables.

A few tips for members!

  • Don’t waste your 500 gems! – Do not buy hair or farm objects. Please, be responsible and buy stables. (Buy dream stable, you get + 1 spot for a dragon). Stables are difficult to get unless you are already an insanely high LV, I usually buy 2 stables with my gems and use the quests to get dragon eggs.
  • Quests – Please, spend your time on the quests, it takes them months to make new ones, and I wish I could read through all the dialog again. I sped through it just to get the dragon, not taking in the lore and story set out for you. The money and rewards for quests are insanely good, 500 coins and a dragon age up for a 10 minute quest? Sign me up! And another tip, don’t waste dragon age up’s… They usually cost 250 – 500 gems. Don’t waste them on a tiny dragon which is about to grow up in 5 levels. I’ll explain EXP tips in a few steps.
  • Dragon eggs / Dragon stables – As i mentioned 2 tips above, don’t buy dragon eggs with gems, buy stables. Dragon eggs can be obtained in regular 200 coin chests (I know, it seems impossible, but over my time I’ve gotten 5 dragon eggs from low level chests). As much as you want that awesome dragon you’ve always adored in the shows as a kid. Hold your temptation. You may get that dragon from a quest.


Gems are highly difficult to get without membership or buying them. So please, hold back your temptation to buy gear with your free 75 gems. Opening 50 gem chests are very risky, and I really don’t recommend it unless you have a method of earning tons. I hate seeing people complain about not having gems but have all the flashy toothless flight suit and wing gear. Please. Don’t. That stuff’s a HUGE scam. As I’ve said TONS of times. Buy stables with them. Then spend coins on chests. COINS. Not gems. I’ve gotten deadly nadders, whispering deaths, shock jaws and even thunder drums with those chests.


Coins are fairly easy to get, I’d advise these methods to get coins:

  • Fishing.
  • Quests.
  • Mini games.

These 3 are really good for earning coins. If you’re stuck in a hole and only have 10 coins and can’t afford any bait for fishing. If you go to the farming area, down near the beach is an NPC which will always have a quest to earn money off. Of course its repetitive but it’s a good emergency coin grab.


This monstrosity of programming. Who ever programmed this needs to seriously review it. It’s extremely broken and shouldn’t be used. If you do need to use it, I’d advise typing like this:

“qhello! qthis qis qa qtest!”

The chat’s filter is extremely broken, simple words are sensored, I’ve been muted 5 times for saying: “Wow! Cool dragon!”

Dragon Levelling

Let’s set the scene. You’re baby dragon is level 2. You cannot find any ways to level it up. Firstly, I’d advise playing with the dragon until its hunger is 0. Then, using the money you have, buy fish bait and just fish. Secondly, feed the dragon like there’s no tomorrow. Spam the hell outta that fish name. I’ve found bugs and glitches where you can feed it endlessly until the GUI disappeared. I got a level 2 deadly nadder from 0 hunger to full hunger + 2 levels using one fish. Although you do need to click insanely fast, so if you’ve got slow clicking speeds, I’d advise just stock piling on fish and doing it normally. Dragons get surprisingly OP exp from food. I use this to LV up dragons all the time.

A second way is mini games. Let’s say your dragons now a teen. I’d advise filling the dragon up with food and then going into flight club. Choose the glider option, and play the first level again and again. You get tons of EXP for the first level compared to the rest. Keep playing till the dragons hungry again. And don’t use the 10 gem hunger restore, it’s a huge waste of opportunity for exp. Take the chance to fish and feed your dragon, remember that feeding dragons is an OP way of getting exp. Keep doing this til LV 10.

Once your dragons an adult, now you can go into adult flight classes. Take this chance to repeat the process of teen dragons, feed, fly, feed, repeat.


Fishing, farming, completing quests and doing events are great ways to get your character exp. There’s not much to say about this but, stick to these and you’ll be a high lv in no time. It’s extremely annoying but we all love to flash off that 1 silver star we all dream to get.

Extremely Broken Method for Getting Gems

I was really hesitant of getting this out here in case it got patched / removed. But there’s an infinite way to earn gems. If you buy membership and are desperate for gems, I have your answer to thousands of gems. It just matters by how much time you can devote.

Secret of the Laviathon

  1. Once you do the first few steps of the quest, you’ll be met by the cog and ball puzzle. Play all of these to 3 stars, I’ll provide links to run through’s which can help you get these done fast. Getting these done allows you to get 300+ gems.
  2. Once you’ve got these gems, quit the game and buy a new viking using the gems (in the title screen), then go straight to the leviathon quest once you’ve done the dreaded dragon taming sequence. There, you can do the puzzles again and earn another 300+ gems, proceed to go back and buy another viking alt. Repeat until you’ve unlocked every space. Proceed to constantly delete the alt’s and repeat the process. Yes its extremely tedious, but the payoff is amazing. Since gems pay off through all alts you can constantly not worry about gems being deleted on an accounts. With this I’ve bought dragon eggs I love, tons of stables, etc.
  3. Overall, use your membership while you have it, once you get these gems, you can start buying expensive things like: Large chests, accessories, weapons, dragons, etc.

*please only do this when you can easily get them back!

Cog Levels:

Ball Levels:

Small Tips and Suggestions

  1. Determination. This game requires a lot of determination and patience. Bugs and problems always pop up which you need to face with.
  2. Hacking. Please don’t hack. This ruins the fun and experience for others who paid money to get specific dragons when you just used CheatEngine or something.
  3. Events. Don’t spend money on these. I’m laying this as simple as possible. Don’t spend money on events. They are MAGNETS for money. You need to pay to get the best reward. It’s not worth it.
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