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There are Always Hungry Buildings

Review the location conditions. If the distance from the granary to the residence is far away, the replenishment will not be completed in time and the food will be depleted. Establish farms and granaries in the vicinity or set market and allow immediate replenishment.

There is a possibility of a bug if the hunger continues despite the location and stockpile problems.
Householders are stuck somewhere and food is not being supplied. Select the building and push the magnifying glass of Heads of Household to find out where the head of household is. If it is exhausted, residents with a mark on the head should be going back and forth between the granaries and the houses. The strange places are zoomed in, and if there is no movement it is stacking there.

Buildings are Not Completed at All

There is no working dweller. If you select a building you will know the number of people engaged there. If 0, no one has worked. Pause any facility and make workers. To pause, select any facility and uncheck Open. If there is a worker but it is not completed, there is a possibility that the worker is in the same stack state as above or waiting for resources.

Fire Fighting Can Not Make It in Time

There is no waterfront nearby. Install wells at regular intervals or make a moat.

The Harvest Does Not Make It in Time

The size of the agricultural land and the size and distance of the granary are not consistent. When the nearest granary is full, we head for stockpiles to a far granary. The next cultivation starts in the spring, all the crops of last year disappear. You do not have to worry if you do not have hunger.

The Tower Does not Attack

You most likely have no money. Since there is no money there is no shooter.
Money is necessary every year for the operation of the tower. You ca stop it when there is no raid.

I Dont HaveEenough Money

Probably not enough revenue or too much military spending. When building a tower, it quickly turns into a deficit. Check the balance of income and expenditure to find the source of the deficit. To increase your income, you should increase the population rather than raise the tax rate. If funds drop to a certain extent, you can also create multiple plazas, raise the tax rate, open the festival and give a feeling of fortunate happiness.

Small Skill at the Waterside

Kingdoms and Castles - Solutions to Issues and Tips

Continuing alternating with [Moat + Bridge] – [Road] – [Moat + Bridge] – [Road]. It will cost you money, but you can earn both the road and coast bonus even inland.

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