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Day of Infamy - Guide to Optimizing Reichswald Farming

Written by Iron Raccoon   /   Jun 30, 2020    

A very quick guide on how to get achievements on Reichswald much faster. This guide assumes you already know about the AI blindspot on Reichswald, and if you don't, there are many other guides that cover it.

How to Get Achievements on Reichswald Faster

Crate Expectations

There are three things which impede you while camping under the tree: 

  • Death.
  • Ammo.
  • Time.

Death you can avoid by staying under the tree unless the enemy isn't looking, while you can buy more time by letting the enemy cap the point (don't shoot for a bit if they're taking a while).

Ammo, however, is finite, and eventually you're going to run out, right?

Enter: The Officer.

The officer can call in supply crates allowing you to get infinite amounts of ammo for any weapon you pick up. It just so happens that the officer class can use both the K98k and G43 (and the Enfield, but I'll get to that in a second).

Call in the crate just infront of the log bunker closest to the tree. You don't want it to land on the slope, as then it'l slide down into your spot, possibly getting you stuck in it, or pushing you away, etc..

The Commonwealth Problem

If you're feeling that this guide is Wehrmacht-centric, then you'd be right! While defending, the enemy will have to get past you, and your bot allies can permanently die, which is a good thing.

But if you're playing as the Wehrmacht, then you can't level up the Enfield, right?

Thing is, you can pick up weapons, and ammo crates can give ammo to any weapon, regardless of faction. As such, if you carry nothing but a pistol and a Heavy Kit, you can pick up an Enfield off the first enemy you kill, resupply it at the crate, and then it's just like levelling the K98k, but with a bigger magazine.

Written by Iron Raccoon.

Game:   Day of Infamy