Chrono Trigger – Magic Capsule / XP Easy Farm Guide NG+

This guide contain spoilers. If you haven’t finished the game yet I heavily suggest you stop reading.

This guide aims to help facilitate the farming of Magic Capsules and XP in Chrono Trigger for those who seek to min/max or just get a boost on magic power.

Magic Capsule / XP Easy Farm Guide NG+


  • NG+ for the Dimensional Vortexes
  • Access to the Upgraded Epoch
  • Ayla preferably with Alluring Top equipped

Dimensional Vortex 1000 A.D Room Sets

Once you retrieve the Winged Epoch, with Crono or not, it is up to you head to 1000 A.D Dimensional Vortex, SAVE and enter it.

If you are acquainted with the Dimensional Vortexes, you know that the first set of rooms are randomized, and in the Present Dimensional Vortex the Room Sets are as follows:

  1. Hallowed Falls -> Black Omen -> Prison Towers -> Tyrano Lair -> Truce Canyon
  2. Truce Canyon -> Abandoned Sewers -> Geno Dome -> Ocean Palace -> Hallowed Falls
  3. Black Omen -> Prison Towers -> Ocean Palace -> Abandoned Sewers -> Tyrano Lair
  4. Prison Towers -> Geno Dome -> Black Omen -> Hallowed Falls -> Ocean Palace
  5. Abandoned Sewers -> Hallowed Falls -> Truce Canyon -> Geno Dome -> Prison Towers
  6. Tyrano Lair -> Ocean Palace -> Abandoned Sewers -> Black Omen -> Geno Dome
  7. Ocean Palace -> Tyrano Lair -> Hallowed Falls -> Truce Canyon -> Abandoned Sewers
  8. Geno Dome -> Truce Canyon -> Tyrano Lair -> Prison Towers -> Black Omen

If you enter the FIRST ROOM in the Vortex and it is Ocean Palace, Abandoned Sewers or Truce Canyon, Load your game and enter again. We are looking for sets 1, 3, 4, 6 and 8. The ones that lead to the Black Omen. It doesn’t matter which, because you will have to complete all sets of rooms to get out of the Vortex once you are done, the important part is that it contains the Black Omen.

Ghaj Ghaj Ghaj Ghaj Alien

Once you arrive in the Black Omen room, move to the left on the first fight, you will find a most sought after guy, the Ghaj, or Alien, for the old-school out there.

The Ghaj originally appears in the Black Omen, as the room suggests, but the difference is that the ones in this room respawn, while the ones in the original Black Omen do not.

From here do the battle as you would. Charm the Magic Capsules from both Ghajs and eliminate all enemies when you are done.

Rinse, Repeat, Profit!

Now comes the fun part!

Instead of going through the room to fight the other Ghaj before changing areas, leaving the Vortex and repeating the whole thing again, just Bookmark your game…

…Resume it and fight them again!

Repeat the process as many times as you need. They are easy enemies and one Luminaire should be enough to get rid of them, and beyond stealing the 2 Magic Capsules you can also get around 3100XP per fight, which mounts real quick while farming for the capsules!

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  1. I don’t have this Bookmark option in my game. I’m playing on a Nintendo DS emulator. Is this exclusive of some other port/version of the game?

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