Pyre – Exiles and Their Roles

Each of the exiles you meet in their travels have their own distinct races associated with them. Their races also give-way to certain ‘classes’ among the exiles. Their classes are determind after their name in the list below. A quick explantion first-off.

In Pyre, the further you advance into the game, it begins to require all three Exiles under the leadership of the Reader, to act as one whole. The Rites are a 3v3 activity, and cannot solely be won by the skills of an individial exile, and therefore, they must combine their strengths to blot-out each other’s weaknesses.

The classes I’ve determind (names not set in stone), seem to be the most (I hesitate to say) advanced way to complete the more difficult Rites in Pyre. Exiles may fall into several categories, and their skills are a set of three aren’t always uniform. These are typically guidelines, lesser so rules. They are as follows.


All credit goes to Majestic Lemmings!

  • An Exile with a large Presence, and high Glory. Typically slower than most other Exiles, though, difficult to banish due to the immense space they consume on the Rite. Keepers are most-likely the backline of most triumvirates created by the Reader; they protect the pyre, and keep enemies like Runners from dashing into the flame. 
  • They have awkward offensive capibilities, most due to the lack of Quickness, and thus have limited reaction to faster characters. (Example: Jodariel’s Aura, Jump, and Rush have wind-up, and wind-down delays too them, as well as a lack of stamina regeneration).


  • Exiles with moderate to high Quickness, graced with quick casting, longer ranged Auras capable of banishing enemies from a far. Your triumvirate should consist of at least of these characters for most, if not all Rites. Once leveled appropriately, they become a force to be reckoned with. They’re the mid to frontline Exiles of the Reader’s team, and will constantly be moving, passing, and decimating enemies. 
  • As mentioned somewhat previously, Skirmishers have fairly adequate offensive powers. Their presence is typically at a moderate level, allowing their auras to become moreso Area-Of-Effect, rather than a direct strike akin to some of the Runners. (Example: Hedwyn’s Aura is enough to banish two foes not directly standing behind one another. This is due to his Presence being at a approximately 13 points, unlike the Aura of Runners which lands between 3 – 5).


  • Exiles with typically high base Quickness, high Hope; they are without large gap-closers, though are quite nimble during the Rites. Runners aren’t capable of flashy dives, however, they are the scoring backbone of your team. When in the thick of the Rite, you may happen to find some enemy characters challenging you might have underestimated previously. Runners are the safest bet when you’re stuck in sticky situations. They’re the front, to midline of any good Reader’s force. 
  • Due to their distinct ability to reliably douse the enemy’s Pyre, they have drawbacks. While high Quickness is definitely one of the upsides, and responsiveness in controls, their Glory is lacking. The Reader will have to douse the opposing Pyre more often once a Runner is deemed the one to score. Their Presence is typically lower than average, with a few expections. 


  • Exiles with moderate to high Quickness, capable of diving into the enemy’s Pyre. This class only pertains to the Nomad, Crone, and Savage races. While Divers may fall into the three other categories, one key ability distinguishes them from the other Exiles. They all have Jump & Sprint, or Pounce & Slither. These ability combinations allow these particular Exiles to evade large auras, and cross over large portions of the field into the enemy’s pyre untouched. 
  • Paired with Quickness trinkets, or any trinkets that grant increased damage/health when “Pyre X” is lower or higher than the friendly Pyre; they become destructive in nature, and merely unstoppable when they’re not banished. 

Recruitable Exiles

  • (Nomad) Hedwyn – Skirmisher, Diver
  • (Demon) Jodariel – Keeper
  • (Cur) Rukey – Runner
  • (Savage) Vagabond Girl – Skirmisher, Diver
  • (Imp) Ti’zo – Skirmisher, Runner
  • (Wyrm) Sir Gilman – Runner
  • (Harp) Pamitha – Skirmisher, Runner
  • (Sap) Volfred – Keeper
  • (Crone) Bertrude – Keeper, Diver

Unrecruitable / Versus Mode

  • (Nomad) Sandra – Skirmisher, Diver 
  • (Nomad) Lendel – Skirmisher, Diver 
  • (Demon) Ignarius – Keeper 
  • (Demon) Oralech – Keeper 
  • (Cur) Barker – Runner 
  • (Cur) Dalbert – Runner 
  • (Savage) Almer – Skirmisher, Diver 
  • (Imp) Messenger-Imp – Skirmisher, Runner 
  • (Wyrm) Sir Deluge – Runner 
  • (Harp) Tamitha – Skirmisher, Runner 
  • (Sap) Manley – Keeper 
  • (Crone) Udmildth – Keeper, Diver
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