– AI Only Chases: How to Create and Play

This guide shows how to make an AI only chase in just a few clicks.

AI Only Chases


Have you ever wanted to do a police chase, but don’t want to drive around or fiddle with the script AI manager? Well then I can teach you how to make one in a few simple steps!

1v1 Chase

So basically, having one car on one is pretty simple. Basically all you have to do is get two cars. Then, pause the game (J by default) and set the ai mode on the car being chased to flee. And the car chasing to chase.

Viola! you got your chase!

2+ vs 1

Basically, this is also pretty simple. This time, use the rotary menu. First, put the culprit and the multiple pursuers. Get another car, and turn the engine off. (V by default.) pause again, and set that car to Flee me! Finally, set the car being chased to Chase me! and you got yourself a multi-car chase. This might be a little buggy, but just reset the cars and start over if it doesn’t work. There are other ways to do this, but i use this way since it was the first way I learned.

Important! Do these steps in the order stated else it will not work.

1 vs 2+

This one is a bit tricky. First off, pause like always. Then, spawn the chaser and the multiple vehicles being chased. Make sure to set the vehicles being chased to Flee, then make sure the target vehicle is the pursuer. (Most likely your steam username, if not then find the plate number).

Then, set the pursuer to chase but no target vehicle.

Viola! Your pursuer will probably freak out finding both targets, so make sure to keep track of them.

2+ vs 2+

This may sound hard, but really isn’t. First off, spawn the vehicles and pause. Get the pursuers, and assign each of them to the car you want it to chase.

After that, set the fleeing vehicles to flee.

Finally, you got yourself a giant pursuit.

Hopefully you enjoyed reading and I hope that this was helpful.

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