Underhero – The Manor Dark Maze Map

This is a map of the dark manor maze. There are 3 chests and a study. Once you’ve found the 3 chests that’s really all you need to do in this section.

The Dark Maze Map

In “The Manor” you will need to get the key for the Dark Maze from the party ghost waiting for you to find the other ghost buddies. Once you get the key you can enter the maze, which isn’t complicated it’s just a little frustrating without the map.

The green arrows show the way to the chests. The red arrows are basically useless paths although some will lead you to the same places. I forgot to mark all of the flame spots, but a couple are on there that I remember.

There are 3 chests in this area to find. You know you’re done once you’ve found all 3, there is no prompt or event to tell you you’ve completed this area. Just find the 3 chests.

Optional: There is a Study with some books in it.

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