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Boris and the Dark Survival - How to Find Two Secret Tapes

Written by sneakydog008   /   Jul 3, 2020    

There are 2 secret tapes in savehouse behind the walls. So here you will learn how to get it.

Guide to Get Both of Secret Tapes

First Tape

First tape was added in Wolf Trials update.

To get it you need to get every (6) odd fuses and beat wallys score (15). When you fail after you beat wallys score you will hear that wall breaks. Congratulations you have unlocked first secret tape with Joeys voice.

Second Tape

This one is from Symphony of Shadows update so it is no long time existing.

For first play as Sammy (you get him by colecting 4 candles and his mask in lockers) when you unlock him you can see picture of instruments in order:

  • bass --> drum --> violin --> piano --> drum --> banjo

Note: Sammy is only one who can play on instruments.

In game where you played on instruments in this order you can't die and get out of here by elevator. Banjo cant be found in any levels so you must play at banjo in savehous. Then you will hear sounds of opening cage and sound of that guy from batdr (that tape is in guys resrooms).

Written by sneakydog008.