Pyre – Rites and the Reader’s Composition

In this guide, we’ll discuss the compositions the Reader can choose to achieve Victory in the Rites. Whether too many, or too little of one class can be the downfall of the team. Or whether certain decisions are more valuable than others against various triumvirates.

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Beginning Pyre

All credit goes to Majestic Lemmings!

The composition in the header-picture above is the perfect beginner group, as it was meant to be.

These three are extremely capable of dispatching, and dousing the enemy team further into the downside. Consisting of a Skirmisher/Diver, a Keeper, and a Runner, they’re set for liberation with the tools necessary. Jodariel is a solid backline, while Hedwyn and Rukey can safely pass the orb between the midline, and frontline. Synergy is as great of a power as having a level V exile. These three are gifted with it, being as they’re the primary three.

There really isn’t much a reason to disrupt this basic combination until a little further into Pyre, where new cast members are introduced.

Further Into Pyre

Once more members have been accrued, one of the powerful combinations relies on the Vagabond Girl. She’s located strangely close to the beginning of the game, so she comes into effect quickly.

The first considers you’ve kept Hedwyn as a main Exile in your Rites (I had liberated him, as I felt he was the most worthy). He has considerably the highest potential out of all of the exiles. With a close following from the Vagabond Girl; They are instrumental for Victory in the Rites. Ti’zo is considering you’ve liberated Hedwyn first, as he’s one of the better runners due to his AOE implode ability, Flutter ability, and Zip ability. While slower than Rukey, and Sir Gilman, Ti’zo can be conditioned by trinkets to have +8 Quickness, Unlimited Stamina, or bonuses of the like.


Middle-Journey in Pyre

During Rites with specialized triumvirates (three Crones, or several Demons as examples), the Reader will have to compose their own strategy based upon their leveled characters. Three crones with any sort of Titan stars is a nightmare beyond belief. There’s enough aura-casting, and diving to have any hardened Reader begin to crack.

Skirmishers are favoured here, as they can swiftly dodge the auras. A keeper is punished regularly in a three Crone game, however. It is recommended to either keep a keen eye on the casting animations, or select three Skirmishers, or two Skirmishers and a Runner.


and one of the following

Ending in Pyre

Another strong combination worthy of mention comes oddly delayed in the game. Volfred, and Bertrude are a lethal composition willing to deal out all sorts of punishment to the most difficult of adversaries.

Paired with any runner, they provide the fire power to shutdown even the most aggressive of teams. Their combined auras along with Volfred’s sapling allow them to shutout the majority of the friendly pyre from the enemy. The sweetest fruit of the pair is that Bertrude can be modified to increase Quickness, and thus her agility improves. This allows the hulking beast to plunge 25 to 30-points of damage into the enemy Pyre on a regular basis. I urge most players to attempt this with their third character of choice.

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