Cloudpunk – Complete Nivalis Tourist Achievement (All Locations)

Achievement Guide for all that are looking for Nivalis Tourist.

All Locations Guide


Overall I have to say that you will find 80% by the Main Story Playthrough and around another 15% if you go for all the Pick ups (Items on the Map). That last 5% most People are missing is just because of unlucky Waypathing between the Jobs (In some Jobs you have Multiple Choises and one will miss the Spot) or just because they are not close enough to Objects, while running pass them.

In fact, since there is no counter ingame yet, i advice to go a full Playthrough with one eye on my Maps to get the Achivement for safe, otherwise maybe you read some Names you are sure never saw in your Gameplay.

We have 122 Locations overall, before you look on my Color marked ones, be sure you do a flyover by every Name that is already on the Map (Little China, Upper Midtown etc.), also not includes are the 3 Main Story big maps Hollows, Ventz and Jay-K Spire.

Avalon All Locations 

Gallows – Caledon – Ochuba – All Locations 

Midtown – All Locations 

Mochi District – All Locations 

Oldtown – All Locations 

The Marrow – All Locations 

Waterside – All Locations

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