Terraria – How to Get a Fairy Pet

Ever wanted a fairy light pet? It’s not easy to craft, but it’s worth it!

Guide to Getting a Fairy Pet

Items Required

  • 1 bell – Buy it from the mage NPC for 1 gold coin.
  • 25 pixie dust – Obtain it from pixies.
  • 8 soul of light – Obtain it from hardmode underground enemies.
  • 10 soul of sight – Obtain it from The Twins.

Crafting Place

Craft it from a mythril anvil or an orichalcum one.


  • Summoning Item: Fairy Bell.
  • Type: Light Pet.
  • Use Time: 20.
  • Tooltip: Summons a magical fairy.
  • Rarity: pink.
  • Sell: 5 gold coins.
  • Research: 1 required.

Grants Buff

  • Buff: Fairy.
  • Buff tooltip: A fairy is following you.
  • Summons Light Pet: Blue Fairy, Pink Fairy, Green fairy.


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