Europa Universalis IV – How to Get On the Rhodes Again Achievement

On the Rhodes Again Achievement Guide (Step-by-Step)


Hello everyone, here I will provide a very simplified guide to trashing the Ottomans and going for the achievement, I am assuming that most of you have no interest in doign a WC, but with my strat its very doable, I was able to successfully do it in both games I did.

Here’s the catch, its actually a naval strategy and it works against the Ottomans. What will need to be done is that you will suck out lots of Ottoman money and cripple them permanently.

Step 1

You might think its stupid, but the first step is to delete your army. Yeah you heard that right, and you’ll also delete all your other ships with the exception of your galleys and you must keep 2 light ships. Do counter espionage on the Ottomans.

Step 2

Raid coasts to get a money and build up your galleys, it doesnt matter that you go over force limit just build around 25 to 30, it might be expensive in sailors once theyre at sea but thats why you have to micro manage a bit and detach only the amount you need for sieges.

Step 3

Stay catholic. No exceptions. Convert Rhodes use edicts if you need to but you can just stab up to 2 to accept Greeks then you can convert your capital.

Step 4

Get tech 5 in admin as fast as possible and maintain good diplo tech for navy morale. This is crucial, ignore teching up in military, if you’re full on military power prior to gettign tech 5 admin spend it on dev when you reach the monarch power cap. If you have tech 5 admin, get naval ideas. This is a must and if you dont get it you might not survive, you need it for better admirals and you will need ti for galley combat ability.

Step 5

Once you fully unlocked naval ideas you can start teching up in military, you literally do not need to fight land battles with this strategy for a long time. After this get the naval doctrine for more combat ability. By now with those two modifiers and a good admiral and roughly 30 galleys you should have no problem trashing venice for crete even if they have allies, the only thing that matters is the naval dominance and with insane stacked combat ability you should be able to demolish their navy and capture some of their galleys. For this war youll only need 2k troops, by this time the Ottomans probably took Naxos and the other islands which is a good thing for you.

Step 6

Start tryign to ally austria or hungary, poland as well since they will be a great distraction.

Step 7

If the Ottomans own all of the islands this is great news for you. You will declare a war on the ottomans for naxos or negroponte, I suggest you land on Naxos and just hold it till they get war exhausted. Your navy should be able to demolish theirs if you have unlocked the Knight idea for extra 20% Galley combat ability. In this war you will only take those islands and no more, gives you more naval capacity and more income as well as a method to safely get into Anatolia or the Balkans as you wish.

Step 8

Assuming that you followed the guide this works all the time. Now you will need to justify trade conflicts with the Ottomans, the wargoal is to blockade ports which is great because even numerically superior Ottoman fleets are no match for 40 – 50 galleys with a great admiral and galley ability. Lords of the Sea is the reform you should pick for the time being as well as a morale advisor to dominate the sea even more. If the ottomans get baited into your blockading fleet just send in the rest of your fleet and sink them again. At the end of the war peace out for a full 25 warscore of ducats, it should be around 2k per war. After a few wars theyll be in unrecoverable debt and you can start gearing up for all out war.

Step 9

Poland is a must alliance, austria is a great ally as well. You need one or both of them. Then siege down the straits if possible, chances are the ottomans will go to poland so what you must do is set Biga or any of the anatolian strait provinces as the wargoal. If the ottoman armies go to poland, your army can take control of anatolia andif theyre distracted enough you cna snatch constantinople and gellibolu which is what you really want. You want to take control of the straits in the Balkans, once you do that, youre in the clear. You can keep declaring land wars for the balkans and take more and more of them maybe the mamluks will join in on the fun.

Step 10

Once you take most of the greek provinces you can safely drop naval ideas and switch for a better miltiary idea. That’s basically it, then you just keep pushing eastwards and get the achievement.

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