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Paunch - Rock Throwing Tips

Written by PersonGuy   /   Jul 8, 2020    

Here are 5 tips that will help you throw rocks better in Paunch! By FULLY understanding and mastering these 5 tips, you'll (hopefully) be able to play Paunch with more skill and grace!

Rock-Throwing Tips for Paunch

Spot the rocks on the playing field

By always knowing where rocks are, you'll always have somewhere to go. You'll be able to keep track of your opponent by knowing the positions of the rocks, but be aware that he, too, knows this same information. Stay active, but also stay alert.

Aim with the blue aiming icon

Don't just THINK you're aiming in the right direction. Find a good vantage point to aim from, line up the blue aiming icon with his approximate position, and fire away. Your opponent will be moving constantly, so you should follow suit. Therefore, positioning your blue aiming icon in close approximation to where you THINK your opponent will move next would be ideal for rock hits. The key is to think one step ahead of your opponent.

Throw rocks with your back to your enemy

Typically (but not always), when Bob is carrying two rocks, he throws the one in his right hand first. With your back against your opponent, this makes it easier to remember the order and curvatures of rock throws. The reason for this is because most (but not all) languages are read from left to right. In layman's terms, rock-throwing in Paunch should be like reading a book. The LEFT side CURVES to the left, while the RIGHT side is a STRAIGHT shot. By knowing these curvatures, you'll also be able to better utilize Tip #2.

Utilize the landscape to your advantage

When possible, loop around a piece of environment that will make it harder for your opponent to aim rocks at you. Rule-of-thumb: in general, if you can aim at your opponent, your opponent can aim at you. Tip #1 also deals with this broad prerequisite.

Move side-to-side as often as you can

Moving forwards and backwards makes it easier for your opponent to aim and hit you with rocks. It's much better to move in strafing directions. Generally, this will confuse most players because aiming vertically is much easier than aiming horizontally.

Written by PersonGuy.

Game:   Paunch