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Next Day: Survival - Gameplay Tips for New Players

Written by Fedd UP   /   Jul 29, 2017    
Next Day: Survival - Gameplay Tips for New Players

This is for new players who dont know how the game works and teaches players how to survive

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I mostly see questions about factions so i will start off with them.

How do I change factions?

Well you will always start off in the neutral faction, and who you kill will depend on what faction you join. If you KOS every one you see, you will end up in the traitor faction, if you kill traitors you will end up in the civilian faction, if you killed your fellow neutrals you will end up in the looter faction.

Some pros and cons of each faction.



  • You will get a very good spawn in the neutral base, which is near some major cities/towns.
  • The only NPC that will kos you will be the looters.
  • You can do quests right away that can give you guns, gas masks and etc.


  • People can camp outside neutral base and kill you immediately.



  • The spawn is very good and similar to the neutral base, with traders and etc.
  • The only NPC that will kos you will be the looters.
  • You are a good person.


  • People can camp outside your base, same problem with neutral base.



  • Luckily there is a trader in the base you spawn at.
  • Fellow looter npcs wont kos you.
  • You spawn pretty close to depot and some towns.


  • Civilian npcs will kos you and you cant enter their base.
  • The starter cities are not so close and you gotta do some running.
  • The area you spawn in isnt a safe zone.



  • If you go to the lake right when you spawn, you get a free empty shotgun, hunter backpack and some meds.


  • You spawn pretty far from any town, and sometimes the nearest town is covered in gas so you gotta run for a while.
  • All npcs will kos you.
  • The only base you are safe in is the neutral base and thats all the way across the map.
  • Players are rewarded for killing you.
  • There is NO traders nearby.
  • No quests to help get you started.
  • Pretty much the worst faction to be in if you die.


So you will need to get some loot, this may not be the best way but this is how i get loot decently fast.

First off I'm assuming your in the neutral base, so do the quests. While you are at the quest of getting medical supplies, loot the entire town for clothes, food, water and some weapons. Plus if you kill the wolf, use the meds quickly so you wont die from that thing, then harvest some meat from it with your knife.

So you should have pants, shirt or jacket, a proper melee, food, water and good amount of meds. if you do all the quests leading to the swamp you will get all the parts needed for a makeshift rifle. Go to the crafting tab and put in the catch bolt, duct tape, board and metal pipe. make sure load it too. If your planing to kill the bear with the makeshift rifle or pistol, think again. The bear is faster than you and can take a lot of damage but you do have enough to defend yourself and survival while looting.

Watch out for NPCs that will kill you. If your not sure if a NPCs will kill you or not, hover over it with your mouse and if its green, its friendly, if red, it'll kill you. usually Military NPCs spawn at gorshovo so watch out they can be very deadly if you dont have the right supplies or if you dont fight them smart. always have cover and cars/trucks arent always the best cover since they can still hit you.If you do manage to kill the military, you are rewarded with military guns and clothes Looters can sometimes spawn at the gas station at kvashino and the surrounding towns near the looter base. Watch out.


You will need to know how to fight to survival, unless you hide from everything and that aint fun. So here are some tips on combat.


Always peek from the right, never the left. you get a huge advantage if you peek from the right due to the way the ADS is right now. You can also always to press middle mouse button to switch the ADS to the middle, but not the left.


I know this is weird but the music is key if you want to know whats around you. If you music changes to combat/ danger music then there is something/ someone near by that can kill you, so you should be alert when the music comes on. there have been countless times when the music changes, i find a player, wild animals or NPCs near by.


spraying doesnt work well if you have an automatic so tap fire or burst fire, the more you fire the less acurate you will be so be smart when shooting. The makeshift can also be very deadly if you use it right. You can one shot people if they dont have a helmet or military gear.


sometimes it isnt smart to use a med pack in the middle of a firefight because of how long it takes. Use bandages and painkillers, or anything that stops bleeding. use a medpack if you are 100% sure he will not rush you or you have retreated from a fight. but remember you can always do the same with the enemy, if you know the player is low, he might be healing, so you can risk rushing him to catch him in the animation of healing and get an easy kill.


ambushes are the best and smartest way to get a free kill because of how fast a player can go down, hide in bushes because there is little to no cover in forests, so hide and get the kill quick so he wont be able to shoot back. If you do miss, hide so he wont know there you are at and take some shots when he looks away.

Written by Fedd UP.