Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris – Useful Tips (Issues and Gameplay)

In this guide you can find some useful tips for gameplay. Also here the ways to fix issues.

Tips for All Players

Issues Tips

Problem with Starting Game (FPS Issues)

  • Try launching the game,opening up the task manager and going to details. 
  • From there find Easy Anti Cheat and right click on it.
  • Select affinity and make sure you uncheckmark all the cores and have it run on only one core.

This fixed it for me, fixed it for others and might fix it for you if you are having FPS issues with the game firsthand and tried everything else to fix it.

Or you can just get rid of EasyAntiCheat altogether. Open the game directory, go into the EAC folder and run the installer. You should be able to uninstall there. THen back in the game’s folder add “.bak” to the end of “Launch_Game.exe” or move that EXE somewhere else. Then rename “sao_al.exe” to “Launch_Game.exe” and you are good to go. No more EAC.

Gameplay Tips

How to know the locations of monster and materials from maps?

They should on the map in the menu. Just zoom a bit and you know what about we talks.

Find the NPC Great Horned Beetle (Naughty Bugs quest)

You can found it in the room with the three beetles that is right above the golden chest. Note: Problem is it doesnt always appear so you have to keep trying.

How to create character

You’re able to switch characters on your journey (at the beginning, Kirito and Eugeo). After you finished the first chapter you can change the appearence of character in your room.

How to order teammates to attack

Use L1 (PS4) or LB (Xbox) to give commands to party members. The lower one cause your teammate to attack. After highlighting push L3 to confirm and their behavior will change.

How to remove the spining circle on screen (mouse)

Right click.

How to unlock multiplayer

After you finish the prologue basically if you skip all the scene you could be there shorter than those 15-20 hours.

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