Dark and Light – Spawning in NPC’s (Cheat Codes)

Disclaimer: It is possible one or two are in the incorrect sections. You will need to kill the wrong ones otherwise it will attack your players. I’m fairly sure these are all correct, but make sure, just in case!

First, you must log in as admin using the enablecheats password command.
Once you have cheats enabled, you can use the command to summon like so:

  • IE: cheat summon NPC: NPC_F_0006_Character_BP_c

Summoning NPC’s: Humans

  • Sol Graves: NPC_F_0006_Character_BP_c 
  • Corben Thames: NPC_M_0013_Character_BP_c 
  • Bogar Thonn: NPC_M_0015_Character_BP_c 
  • Gunther Smith: NPC_M_0019_Character_BP_c 
  • Artemis Payne: NPC_M_0102_Character_BP_c 
  • Crossbow Guard: NPC_M_0104_Character_BP_c 
  • Magic Patrol Guard: NPC_M_0105_PatrolGuard_Character_BP_c 
  • Melee Plate Guard: NPC_F_0101_PatrolGuard_Character_BP_c 
  • Female Peasant: NPC_F_0003_Noblewoman_Character_BP_c 
  • Noblewoman: NPC_F_0004_Character_BP_c 
  • Human Nobleman: NPC_M_0012_Character_BP_c 
  • Magic Guard Female: NPC_F_0103_PatrolGuard_Character_BP_c 
  • Inn Keeper Liana Emore: NPC_F_1002_Character_BP_c 
  • Citizen: NPC_F_2101_HumanCitizen_Character_BP_c 
  • Female Sentry: NPC_F_0102_Character_BP_c

Spawning NPC’s: Elf

  • Vessali Fa’arin: NPC_F_1104_Priest_Character_BP_c
  • Taluriel Faeliss: NPC_M_1004_Character_BP_c 
  • Elisia: NPC_F_1106_PotrolGuard_Sword_Character_BP_c 
  • Ranged Sentry Guard: NPC_M_1102_SentyGuard_Range_Character_BP_c 
  • Elf Ranged Sentry: NPC_M_1103_SentyGuard_Staff_Character_BP_c 
  • Gwynien: NPC_M_1106_PotrolGuard_Spear_Character_BP_c 
  • Elidor El’idan: NPC_M_2104_Busi_Character_BP_c 
  • Inn Keeper Freylith Willows: NPC_F_1001_Inn_Character_BP_c 
  • Zahir Duravine: NPC_F_1005_Character_BP_c 
  • Ranged Novaile: NPC_F_1102_SentyGuard_Range_Character_BP_c 
  • Magic Guard: NPC_F_1103_PatrolGuard_Character_BP_c 
  • Elf Citizen: NPC_F_2101_ElfCitizen_Character_BP_c

Spawning NPC’s: Dwarf

  • Magic Seller Den: NPC_F_2004_Character_Wizard_BP
  • Darmok Thunderhoof: NPC_M_2001_Character_Hunter_BP_c 
  • Mattlock Coalvale: NPC_M_2002_Character_Cleric_BP_c 
  • Armorer Sindri: NPC_M_2007_Character_BP_c 
  • Magic Sentry Guard: NPC_M_2103_PotrolGuard_Range_Character_c 
  • Melee Sentry Guard: NPC_M_2105_PotrolGuard_Axe_Character_BP_c 
  • Ranged Sentry Guard: NPC_M_2106_PotrolGuard_HackButter_Character_BP_c 
  • Alchemist: NPC_F_2003_Character_BP_c 
  • Dwarf Citizen: NPC_F_2101_DrawfCitizen_Character_BP_c 
  • Dwarf Magic: NPC_F_2105_PotrolGuard_Axe_Character_BP_c 
  • Ranged Sentry: NPC_F_2106_SentyGuard_HackButter_Character_BP_c

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