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Soda Dungeon 2 - How to Obtain All Achievements

Written by zephyr_goldwing   /   Jul 13, 2020    

All the achievements in Soda Dungeon 2 and how to get them.

100% Achievement Guide

Progression / Plot

These are achievements that follow the 'story' of the game - so long as you're progressing and moving the story forward, you'll get these:

  • Ruin - you get this automatically after the prologue.
  • Step Into Darkness - beat the Dark Lord for the first time on floor 100, completing Dimension 1.
  • Whoops - failing a quest seems counter-intuitive, but the quest you fail is given by the Dark Lord and you fail it by defeating floor 300, completing Dimension 3.
  • Stomp Into Darkness - defeat floor 400, completing Dimension 4.
  • Lady Of The Darkness - defeat floor 600, completing Dimension 6.
  • Light In The Darkness - defeat floor 800, completing Dimension 8.
  • The Darkest Darkness - defeat floor 1,000, completing Dimension 10.


These are a mix of luck-based and grinding. Long story short, keep playing and you'll get them sooner or later. That said, if you only play long enough to complete dimension 10, you might not get all of these.

  • You Sneaky Rat - be ambushed by enemies.
  • Crikey - complete 50% of the bestiary.

Easier than it sounds: only the Throne Room takes time to fill out because it has all the dimension bosses, and you'll get the achievement long before they're all defeated.

  • Rare Opportunity - find a rare item.

Having a thief on your team can speed this up, as you'll open all reward chests rather than just one. Allowing keys to be used for bonus treasure can also increase your chances. I don't know if item find is still bugged, but probably safer to make sure you do not have gear or a pet with additional item find equipped.

  • Eat Your Veggies - resist 100 status effects.

Resisting the negative effects of 'bad' fairies doesn't seem to count towards this. Probably one of the achievements that will take longest to randomly pop, unless you do a dedicated grind with status resist gear / pet. I only have 3 resists as of dimension 3 / floor 500ish.

  • Fumigate - kill 500 enemies.
  • Exterminate - kill 1,000 enemies.
  • Obliterate - kill 5,000 enemies.
  • Partial Mastery - reach mastery level 25 with any character.
  • Full Mastery - reach mastery level 50 with any character.
  • Wet Floor - defeat the janitor.

Each dimension's boss / dark lord can only be defeated once, after which you'll find the janitor on that floor instead. If you're afk grinding, you may get this without actually seeing him.

  • Cleanup On Aisle 10,000 - secret achievement beat floor 10,000.

Some Input Required

These are quests that you can get by accident / without deliberately setting out to get them, but are not guaranteed as they require specific classes / class combinations or key settings.

  • One Of The Good Ones - find a healing fairy.

Healing fairy is one of the options when 'choosing a path', along with bonus treasure, mineshaft, and warp. If you get a fairy it may be a 'good' fairy (heals hp/mp to full), or a 'bad' fairy (inflicts one of several status effects on your party members, although they have a chance to resist it). So far it seems that healing fairies from locked portals are guaranteed to be good, whilst those from open '????' portals are more likely to be bad, although having a huntress makes all fairies more likely to be good. The default settings for automatic key use will see you get this achievement without needing to do anything, but playing manually or changing the key use settings could change that. Unlikely, but possible!

  • Fetching - complete a fetch quest.

I think there may actually be a 'required' quest introducing the fetch quest concept that pops this achievement, but I honestly can't remember. If not, this achievement can be missed if (for some reason) you don't turn the quests in - changing dimension doesn't affect/prevent turn-in, so again, it's unlikely you won't get this, but you could!

  • Gross - burp 50 times in battle with a soda junkie.

This is the soda junkie's level 25 skill, so first you need to use them enough to hit level 25 (not hard), and then you need to use them enough that they use the skill 50 times. Easy enough if you do it manually.

  • Alchemist - turn an enemy into gold ore.

This is the miner's level 25 skill, so first you need to use them enough to hit level 25. On top of getting them to use the skill (which each miner can only successfully do once per battle), the ore you get seems to be random and influenced by your ore find (bring geodes!), and the effect can be resisted. It's also a bit of an mp-hog, so you'll want at least one level 25 mystic in the party if you're trying to get this.

  • Never Had A Chance - mark, stun, and back-attack an enemy.

Mark is the huntress' level 25 skill, and stun is the blade master's level 25 skill, so first you'll need to get them both to level 25. After that, if they're in a party with the huntress going before the blade master, there's a chance of this occurring randomly, but it's definitely easier to go manual.

All On You

These require you to go out of your way to get them, although 'out of your way' really just means not ignoring certain game mechanics, such as questing and crafting.

  • Quest Love - complete 10 quests.
  • Questing Beast - complete 30 quests.

I don't know if there are more than 9 quests that you can just ignore, so Quest Love might actually belong in the Progression section. If it's based on 'fetch' quests, these have to be turned in, so you could complete the game without getting these achievements.

  • Apprentice - craft an item.
  • Smithy - craft 25 items.

Crafting is a mechanic that can be ignored, as you tend to get most of your gear from loot and buy/find levelling crystals. Chances are you'll get Apprentice, but Smithy you might not (unless, like me, you have a uncontrollable urge to fill out the entire compendium, as gear is only listed once you own it, and some gear is only acquired through crafting).

  • Soda Brain - create, assign, and use a soda script in battle.

This mechanic becomes available once you build the arena, and the further you progress in the game, the more likely you are to dive into it and get this achievement. I suspect it's not strictly necessary to 'complete' the game (beat dimension 10) though.

  • Are You Not Entertained - compete in 25 arena battles.

Each arena battle consists of a number of fights, and there's a cooldown between arena battles, so this will take some time if you decide to get it. There's also at least one quest that wants you to fight in the arena.

  • Fancy Digs - customise the tavern with a new decoration.

To change the tavern's look you need to select the look you want (a lock icon will indicate that you need to purchase it), then click the green 'back' arrow, which will prompt a purchase window to pop up. The 'normal' look for the stools/tables/bar is 5,000 gold each, so it's not particularly expensive, but it is 'just a cosmetic'

  • Everything Must Go - earn at least 250,000 gold from a liquidate.

This is a blacksmith mechanic that (sort of) helps you inventory manage by clearing out all but a set amount of each item. You don't have to use it, but if you do, the best time is just before changing dimension, when you can 'liquidate' all your assets (probably excluding resources), and then either stock up on levelling crystals, essence (through the essence fountain), or both.

  • Crag Combo - secret achievement turn an enemy into stone and then pickaxe it.

Stone is the result of 'curse', the dark mage's level 25 skill, and the pickaxe is the miner's basic class skill, so first you'll need to get your dark mages to level 25. Afaik, miners don't automatically use pickaxe on cursed enemies (unlike ore), so you'll either need to have a custom script, or pull off this combo manually.

Written by zephyr_goldwing.