Devolverland Expo – How to Skip Videos

This video is created for achievement hunters who want to repeat the game without wasting time on videos.

Skip Videos Guide (Step-by-Step)


In short, we just have to switch original video files with some short ones.


  1. Go to your steam library.
  2. Right click on “Devolverland Expo” > “Properties” > In the new window click “Browse Local files”.
  3. Go to > “Devolverland_Expo” > “Content” > “Movies”.
  4. Now copy one of intro videos, doesnt matter which one (example Devolver_Startup_Logo_1080p_30.mp4).
  5. Go further to > “Trailers” > “Final”.
  6. Now paste this file into “Final” folder.
  7. Copy name of original trailer file ( example Blightbound-DevWalkthrough.mp4 ).
  8. Paste and Rename the file you just copied and delete original trailer file (right click > rename file >ctrl+a + ctrl+c > esc > delete file > rename copied one).
  9. Repeat for all 8 Trailer files.

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