The Forest – How to Get Unlimited Valuable Items

You can easily get unlimited food, meds, booze, air canisters, sticks, skulls, battery, cloth, rope, and much more!

Unlimited Valuable Items Guide

Getting Unlimited Items

  • If you go to any of the structures like the plane and yacht in the game, you will find loot there such as booze and meds.
  • If you collect all of it it won’t just come back after a while. 
  • There are often items in these structures that can’t be crafted, so what you can do is leave and rejoin (remember to save before doing so) and then all the items will be there again.
  • I recommend you don’t just keep leaving and rejoining over and over again for the best experience, but if you want you could do that and just get a bunch of items and fill up a bunch of storage rooms with them and you wouldn’t really need to look for them anymore.
  • Cloth is easy to get and its everywhere so if you did this a bunch of times and got a bunch of booze you could make so many molotovs which are very powerful against enemies.

I hope you enjoyed this short tutorial and remember, if you ever need items from a place again, just leave and rejoin and it will all come back.

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  1. Entering a cave and returning works on Single Player. In Multi Player, pick up everything you can from any storage, save, replace the items, and then exit and rejoin. You will have all items you saved with and all items will still be in storage if you are not host. Works great with bones for bone armor.

  2. It’s not nessecary to rejoin the game. You can merely stay in it, walk about 200-300 meters away and it appears there again

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