Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town – All Power Berries Guide

New players can quickly find themselves depleting their energy (top left screen) when first starting the game. It is actually possible to double your energy bar through findings of Power Berry. There is a total of 10 Power Berries and a special Power Berry in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town. Some are easy to access, while some are a bit tricky. Players are highly advised to work on them whenever they can to prolong their daily activities, like more crops or animals. Consuming a Power Berry will increase your Stamina by 15.

How to Access All Power Berries

Power Berries

Tilting grounds within the farm

To do this simply equip the Hoe tool and press the action button on the soil in your farm. You’ll receive this Berry randomly. I recommend trying to get his one naturally while tilting the ground to plant crops unless you’ve obtained all other berries or you have time to spare.

A gift from the Harvest Goddess

You must toss an item into the lake for 10 days for the Harvest Goddess to give you this Power Berry. You can do this from the start of the game, so get to it! Even flowers will do.

Exchange coupon during Horse Racing Festival

This is done by betting on races during the Spring Derby. You can exchange the power berry for 900 medals.

Win first prize in the Spring Derby

You must enter your horse to the race in the Spring Derby, not doable during the first year. Once your horse has matured and is able to enter the race, you’ve got to win to get this Power Berry.

Win the Fetch Fest in Summer

Similar to the Spring Derby, this is a contest that you must enter with one of your animals and it’s not doable in Year 1. Once your pet has matured and practiced fetching, win the festival, and you’ll get your berry.

Purchase from the General Store after purchasing the Large Bed

The Large Bed is available after getting the last house upgrade.

Reach the 100th floor in Spring Mine

This can be an arduous task, so it is recommended to be attempted later in the game. You’ll need to make use of Bodigizers and other stamina recovering items. Once you can purchase or make at least 10 of those, you can attempt to reach the 100th floor.

Reach the 19th floor in Winter Mine

The Lake Mine can only be accessed during the Winter and can be found right next to Jennifer’s Tent.

Behind the Winter Mine

Go to the Lake Mine’s entrance during Winter and press the confirm button on the back.

Fishing in the beach during Winter

All you have to do is fish in the beach during Winter.

Blue Power Berry

The Blue Power Berry is different from the others, in that there is only one and it keeps you from getting fatigued quickly in rain or snow. You’ll want to get it immediately.

You’ll need a total of 11 Cucumbers to get this berry unless you’ve already met Kappa by fishing him up. Then you only need 10.

Over the course of 10 days, you need to toss a single Cucumber into the lake to summon Kappa. On the last day, he will grant you the special Blue Power Berry.

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