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Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma - Escape Guide (Walkthrough)

Written by Supernatantem   /   Jul 15, 2020    

This guide will help walk you through the escape rooms found in Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma. It will not contain any story spoilers whatsoever.

Zero Time Dilemma - Escape Guide [100% Spoiler Free]


Welcome to my guide to the Escape Rooms found in Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma. This is still a Work in Progress and will continue to be updated as I finish the game.

This guide will not contain any spoilers for the game, and will only walk you through the escape rooms. Each Escape Room name can be found in the side panel, so you can easily find what you're looking for without seeing spoilers for another.

I will lay out the walkthough for each room in the following order:

  • Name of the Room / Team
  • Walkthrough from start to finish, which will tell you exactly how to do things, rather than just giving you the answers. If there is a puzzle which requires data entry (a key code for example) then I will explain how to do it, and then place the answer in a spoiler tag so you may try to complete it yourself if you wish.
  • I will also write out the contents of any notes found in the rooms, so you may refer to them here if you'd like. Images can be included upon request, however I'm currently getting down the vital information to start with.

Finally, I would like to say if you find yourself stuck on a puzzle, please don't jump straight to this guide. Take a break, maybe have a coffee or get something to eat, and then return with a clear mind. This is essentially how I was able to complete the game without help.

The Pantry

You start the the escape facing towards what looks like an oven/microwave and a metal door. Looking continously to your right, you will come across a freezer, a metal cabinet, and lots of boxes, before returning to your starting position.

To begin, take a look in the cardboard box on the floor by the microwave. I feel this sets the mood pretty well, but it's not important for the escape.

Then, turn to the metal cabinet with a single box on it. Interact with the box, and you will see three things. Firstly, take the round knob. You will then see some cut potatoes, and writing that says 'L door >, R Door <" Ignore these for the moment, but we will come back to them.

Back out from the box, and then interact with the left door on the bottom of the cabinet. You'll see something rather grotesque, and also a box of gelatin powder. Take the box. Opening the right-hand cabinet door isn't needed just yet.

If you then turn to your right, you will see a similar metal cabinet in the corner of the room, this time it's blue. Once again, open the door on it. More fun things! Take the bottle of iodine solution.

Turn back to the box of sliced potatoes (grey metal cabinet), and interact with them whilst you have the iodine equipped. You should see some letters appear. These match the writing on the box.

Now, turn to look at the freezer. You'll see a keypad by either door, with four buttons: up, right, down, and left. Take the letters you saw on the potatoes to open the doors. For the left door, press: Down, Up, Down, Left, Left, Right. For the right door, type it backwards, as the clue suggests in the potato box.

On the left hand side, you'll see some sort of electronic object, and this will throw you into a puzzle. Essentially all you have to do is rotate the pieces on the cube so the pattern flows correctly. You'll get a mold once you complete this. Take the blue doll as well. On the right hand side, you'll pick up the Doll Manual, and a bottle of water.

If you turn around towards the poster on the wall, it will instruct you what to do with your mold. Combine it with water, and then combine it with the gelatine powder. A drawer should then open at the bottom of the machine; take the key. Warm up your blue doll whilst you're here too.

Now, turn around to the potato cabinet, and open the lower right hand drawer. You'll see an arm handcuffed to a metal pole. Use the key on the handcuffs to free the hand

Now, look back round to the microwave, and you'll see a human-shaped holl on it. Place the round knob into it, and the machine will activate. With your geleatin mold equipped, click the microwave and choose to cool it. This will give you gelatine. Place this in the empty space.

Written by Supernatantem.