Boring Man – Online Tactical Stickman Combat – Survival Guide

I’ll basically describe how to go for higher rounds in Survival mode.

The Boringman’s Survival Guide


This guide will basically tell you how to survive to higher rounds in survival mode with a few tips and by tips I mean I’m gonna own right tell you what to use.

As a side note if you are gonna ask how to get hats you have to get boring man premium which is like $5 so if you like the game, I’d say it’s worth it.

Also the taunts are activated by holding.

  • Ctrl + V (yeehaw).
  • Ctrl + B (drink).
  • Ctrl + N (vomit).
  • Ctrl + M (smoke).


When it comes to weapons there are plenty of them in this game but some of them are rather just for the memes and aren’t really that viable for high rounds…

Good weapons to use in survival mode are the…

  • Plinger – One shot’s to the head and has a “decent” rate of fire… decently accurate and the bullets go far, cant reload unless gun is empty tho
  • Light SMG – Great rate and reload time, which allows you to miss more shots and still kill. Not good for far away enemies
  • Machine gun – Slow movement speed but a big ammo clip for less reloading… bullets do good dmg but the spread is horrible
  • Railgun – two shots basic enemies and three shots purple’s. Bullet penetrates enemies killing everyone behind him as well
  • Heal rifle – heal your teamates obviously lol, can’t heal yourself tho
  • Katana (first couple rounds) – kills enemies in 1-2 swings for the first few rounds… fun to mess around with
  • Acid gun – basically just camp a doorway or ladder and spray… this is how you will get rid of some of the most annoying bosses like that stupid explosive guy
  • Magic – unlimited ammo and decent dmg with low spread
  • Autoshotgun – the get tf outa my face gun


There’s a decent amount of equipment but not all of them are exactly that “useful” so here are the ones that are

  • Skateboard – Makes getting around the map super easy which could come in clutch when saving the point… also makes the enemies more likely to miss if you need to flee
  • Jetpack – helps you maneuver around better and mainly just climb things faster
  • Heal grenades – self explanatory… heals you and your team for about 50 health or so
  • Drone – Can spot enemies and highlight them for your team as well as pick up and shoot weapons… it can’t reload the gun so the only weapons i would recommend for the drone to use is the Railgun and the heal rifle.. Another great thing is if you use the heal rifle on the drone then you can heal yourself now… can also pick up health and ammopacks so you can fly them to you if you’re that desperate
  • Scuba gear – this is only helpful if you play the sewer map and that’s it

Vices and the Bar

Vices are probably the most important out of all the things ti get high rounds on survival. There are certain vices that are blatantly overpowered and some that are down right useless. Vices can also be stacked on one another which makes having stuff like multiple red wine’s op.

The Vices you want to prioritize are:

  1. Red Wine – every kill gives you +1 to your max hp (increases your max base hp by 100)
  2. Ale – +2 dmg to all weapons
  3. Tequila – Gives you +3 health per kill (not base health)
  4. Cider – 1% chance to start regeneration (actually good don’t let 1% make you think that it’s bad)
  5. Whisky – 2% ammo per kill
  6. Vodka – (consumable) use the /drink taunt in the chat to get an instant 3x dmg buff
  7. Smokes – (consumable) use the /smoke taunt in the chat to get 2x your base health (so if it’s 300 base health that’s 600 overheal)
  8. Joint – gives you an extra jump
  9. Jagerbomb – .5% chance to dodge attack (yh the chance is hella low which is why it’s at the bottom)

Now when it comes to the bar you can accept missions to earn cash as well as buy a specific vice in the shop if your lucky as he will sell 2 random vices every round (you can also only buy from him during round intermission.

Vices in the shop are more expensive than buying a random chest on the ground but that’s pretty much because in the bar you get full control of what your buying.

When it comes to the missions, never to the gather intel missions!¬†They only spawn one intel per round. The gather intel also bugs out and doesn’t finish the mission when completed sometimes.

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