Ghost of Tsushima – The Warrior’s Code Walkthrough Guide (Act I)

How to Complete The Warrior’s Code

Tale Summary: The Warrior’s Code

Tale Description

Yuna is searching for her brother, a blacksmith named Taka who has been captured by the Mongols. She’s checking on a lead near Kechi Fishing. I should join her before she runs into trouble.

Tale Rewards

Major Legend Increase, Assassination, Focused Hearing.


Find Yuna south of Kechi fishing Village

Using the Track Tale feature, follow the wind to find Yuna just south of the Kechi fishing village.

Reach an overlook by the Mongol prison camp

Having spoken to Yuna, mount your horse and follow the wind to the overlook by the Mongol prison camp.

Survey the Mongol prison camp

Survey the Mongol prison camp by focusing on the indicated areas and pressing X.

Find the gap near the camp’s gate

Make your way down the hill and squeeze between the gap that is found in the fence by the camp’s gate.

Stab the Mongol in the back

Remain undetected as you walk towards the Mongol in front of you and stab him in the back by pressing Square when prompted. This will trigger a flashback.

Follow the bear track with your uncle

With Lord Shimura, find the bear by following the trampled path and examining the footprints found in the mud.

Help your uncle inspect the carcass

Once you have found the bear’s carcass, examine it.

Use Focused Hearing to sense the Mongol guards

Leaving the flashback, use your Focused Hearing and locate the Mongol guards around the camp.

Find Taka

Now that you know the whereabouts of the guards, it’s time to infiltrate the camp without being seen.

Assassinate the first guard that is crouched by the entrance of the camp, followed by the guard standing near the horse at the stable. Upon killing this guard, the two guards standing nearby will walk away to new positions.

Navigate to the opposite side of the camp and take out the Archer that is standing by the fence.

Tip: You will find supplies in a small box inside the circular hut next to guard. Supplies can also be located around the outside edge of the hut.

Head back to the center of the camp and assassinate the guard standing by the fire. Finally, take out the last guard that is sitting on a log near one of the prisoner cages.

Free the prisoner by holding R2 to open the cage

Head back to the center of the camp and make your way up the path that leads to the upper area of the camp.

Tip: Supplies can be found just before the entrance to the tent.

Go right of the tent and you will find a guard in front of a prisoner cage. Take out the guard and speak with the prisoner once he is free.

Tip: Before regrouping with Yuna, assassinate the guard inside the nearby tent. The guard is best taken out when he crouches down to inspect a shelf. He moves quite frequently, so be sure to take him out quickly before he returns to the seat. You will find a number of supplies inside, including a Conversations with The Khan Record and the Aaruul Mongol Artifact.

Regroup with Yuna outside the camp

Squeeze through the gap in the fence near the second prisoner cage and regroup with Yuna.

Travel with Yuna to leave the camp

Follow Yuna to the river

Tip: Along the way, you will find Bamboo and Flowers. Bamboo can be used to upgrade ranged weapons, whereas Flowers can be used to create new armor dyes.

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