Death Come True – Walkthrough and Achievement Guide

How to Complete Death Come True


Death Come True is a short full motion video with minor branching path and two endings.

This step-by-step walkthrough features an optimized route (confirmed in game’s source code) and will net you every achievement in a single playthrough.

  • Use the mouse to look around and find the choices.
  • Hold LMB or Enter key while hovering over a choice to confirm selection.
  • Press D to fast forward 10 seconds and A to reverse 10 seconds (spam D to speed through).
  • Follow the guide thoroughly to avoid any issues.

Estimated Completion Time: 20 minutes if skipped – 2 hours if watched.


  • Start a New Game.
  • Let officer in.

Shot by the Police

  • Shot and killed by the policeman you let into the hotel room.

  • Continue.
  • Hide in closet.
  • Keep hiding.

Bludgeoned by a Steel Pipe

  • Bludgeoned to death by a mysterious figure wielding a steel pipe.

  • Continue.
  • Atack Officer.
  • Untie.

Stabbed by a Katana

  • Die after being stabbed by a mysterious figure brandishing a katana.

  • Continue.
  • Don’t Untie.

Punched to Death by Nene Kurushima

  • An unfortunate run-in with Karaki Makoto’s obsessive fan, Nene Kurushima.

  • Continue.
  • Let officer in.

Neck Snapped

  • Fall foul of a mysterious figure’s surprise attack.

  • Continue.
  • Ask about hiding place.
  • Don’t talk about memories.
  • Keep hiding.

Head Hit upon Impact with Minoken

  • Uncover the dark truth about news anchor, Kenichi Mino.

  • Continue.
  • Show cellphone.
  • Go to 501.
  • Share.

Shot by Detective Kuji

  • Shot by Nozomu Kuji, the Special Investigations Unit’s star detective.

  • Continue.
  • Don’t share.

Bludgeoned by a Metal Bat

  • Beaten to death by a mysterious figure as the hotel descends into abnormality.

  • Continue.
  • Go to front desk.
  • Don’t pull trigger.

Swallowed by Bugs in Hospital Room

  • Swallowed by bugs in a fake hospital bed, unable to progress.

  • Continue.
  • Pull trigger.


  • Is this… the end?

  • Continue.
  • Leave room before officer arrives.

Swallowed by Bugs [1]

  • Swallowed by bugs in the hotel lobby, unable to continue.

  • Continue.
  • Hide in closet.

Swallowed by Bugs [2]

  • Swallowed by bugs as a mysterious figure clutches you by the throat, unable to progress further.

  • Continue.
  • Search for cellphone.
  • Show cellphone.
  • Go to 501.

Swallowed by Bugs [3]

  • Swallowed by bugs as you stare down the barrel of a gun, unable to continue.

  • Continue.
  • Go to 524.
  • Ask for more information.

Swallowed by Bugs [4]

  • Swallowed by bugs after being shot, unable to carry on.

  • Continue.
  • Don’t speak.
  • Escaping overseas.
  • The marks on her neck.
  • Keep Watching.

Shot by Kuji

  • Experience a moment in which a warped sense of justice prevails.

  • Continue.
  • Interrupt.
  • Through the window?
  • Through the door?
  • Return to real world.
  • End.

Suicide in the End

  • Return to reality.
Written by Pris

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