Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town – Livestock Minigame Guide

There are too many failed attempts care for livestock minigame. Most of gamers hate when the chicken just ran away before you can feed them. If you want to play it without having a stroke then this guide may helpfull.

Guide to Livestock Minigame

All credit goes to Rens Agatha!

What Is a Care for Livestock Minigame

Care for livestock is a minigame that you can play by interacting with the nature spirit to boost the effectiveness of the Sprite’s work, you’ll play as them to control a nature spirit to feed as many chickens as you can with limited time. All you have to do is keep refilling the feed bins as the chickens eat.

You are penalized for feeding a chicken before they finish the current feed in the bin, and also if a chicken has to wait too long for you to refill their bin they will run away and giving you a negative point. This neagtive point is so irritating for some people who want to enjoy the game rather than get good with the minigame you can use this tips to minimalis your filed attemps.

Nature Sprite

They are somekind of dwarf ? or elves with diffrend cloth of color, pointy hats and pointy ears. You can give them gifts or play minigames with them to raise their farm work skills. before playing a minigame they will refuse you if you didnt make friendship with them.

There are 7 of them with 7 diffrend color red, green, darken blue, yellow, orange, light blue, and purple.

Where Are They

You can found them in a little hut behind Carter’s Church, and you can visit them any day during the year (sometime the hut is closed on holidays or maybe an town event/event i only get it one times so didnt sure when the huts closed).

Also remember the hut can be access 9:00AM or more.

Remember to give them a gift each day if you can, you can ask them to help you at the fram.

Remember when they have 7 diffrend color ? You can give them color grass item to get more efficiency, Each sprite really likes the grass color matching themselves which you can found it at the forest. They grows on diffrend season for difrend color thou.

How to Avoid too Much Failed Attemp

After you have enought friendship point you can come to them in their hut and talk to them to asking play minigame together.

The minigame want you too keep feeding the chicken before their feed is empty and run away. Some people may have problem with this since you need to feed five of them at once and because of this you get lot of failed attemp in the ends.

The trick is you can avoid too many failed count by only giving feed to couple of them. The easiest way is three chicken you you just need to focus three chicken at the time.

Atfer the two chicken you don’t give feed they will run away and giving you only -2 point if you only focus with two chciken you can only get -3 point. You can use this trick for practice. you may also can tried it 4 chicken before tried to get perfect score.

There you have it. Raising their farming skill by playing minigame take along time but you can play it whenever you want.

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