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Rust - How to Do Oilrig So Fast

Written by Helix._.   /   Jul 28, 2020    

Fast Oilrig Guide

  1. You have to take a minicopter and head to the Oilrig.
  2. Land on the Oilrig Helipad and kill those bots.
  3. Then you need some keycards (Blue Keycard, Red Keycard) open blue-room and red-room with this keycards.
  4. Start locked box to hack and head to minicopter quickly and fly out of helipad.
  5. When Military Helicopter its get closer, beat it with minicopter and take hem down.
  6. Dont forget when you saw hem and beat hem, jump quickly out of minicopter.
  7. Try to go on water. Because you takes damage through the gravity of the earth.
  8. Then you can loot all of bots.

Attention: Make sure the enemy's its not coming to Oilrig.

Written by Helix._..

Game:   Rust