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Dark Souls 3 - Covenant: Mound-makers Location

Apr 12, 2016    

The covenant can be joined even in New Game + if you missed it. You have to do it only before killing the boss Curse-rotted Greatwood. If you have done it proceed the 2nd option.

Move through the dark house from the bonfire Undead Settlement. After it you should cross the wooden bridge to get on the right side. Run along the path, archers will shoot at you. You have to climb up a top of the house roof. Then you have to jump down to the area where you will see the tall guy. He has the big cage on the back. Come closer to him and cutscene will start. He will carry you to that area where you will fight with the boss Curse-rotted Greatwood later. Cross the hall and talk with the man who stands at the shrine and he can allow you to join this covenant.

If you've already defeated the boss there's one more way to join it. You will be able to find the summoning sign in that place where you killed the boss. It is on the floor above on the ground. You must activate it to teleport to the area lower and here the mini-boss has to be defeated. After it you can join this covenant. However this sign will not be here and it may be not available. Reasons of it are unknown. It's better if you do it in New Game + when you missed.

Game:   Dark Souls 3