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Othercide - Useful Tips

Written by Af&Fix   /   Jul 31, 2020    

Some things game won't tell you, until your squad is dead.

Tips and Things You Need to Know


The game has a very unique (not necessarily in a good way) progression path. And on top of that very gimmicky rogue-like elements, wich more or less just surving a purpose of being a rogue-like (and for lore, kinda). Down below I wil try to warn you of some mechanics and design choices, which are pretty counterintuitive, if you played similar games before, so you maybe won't instantly get bored of pointless grind.

Mostly Pre-Recollect And First Era Related

Leveling and combat related

The game is extremely punishes you for squad favouritism, with a sacrifice mechanic. In case you only just finished a tutorial and already checking guides (no blame for that in this game), you will be faced with a sacrifice mechanic. Basically, you can only heal your squad unit by sacrificing another squad unit of the same level or higher. You maybe thought for a second, like: "Hmm, interesting stuff, makes a game more challenging, and demand a very strategic and smart play". And well, you will be partially right, unfortunately it's take very long time to level up, mainly because you can only do 1 mission with a character a day. So you can be in a situation, when you just won't have time to level up sacrifice material. And it will just drop down to a pointless grind and self-restrictions on gameplay. Here is some tips regarding early gameplay.

  • You should always prioritize equalising levels of "Daughters" in your pool (despite the fact, that you will get extremely fat stat boost for each level). You only have to complete 1 synapse a day, so use that to balance exp gain. Skip synapses if you don't want to overlevel someone for example.
  • Early it is better to spend your vitae for buying "Daughters". Skill upgrades are too expensive at the start. When you have sufficient amount of squads to close as much synapses as you can, start to equip memories (and not hurting level equalising).
  • You can face tank with 2 shieldbearers and gungirl. This will help you sustain life. Small guys deal almost 0 damage, and dungerous hunters can be bullied to death with a slam spam (and you will never see them on the timeline ever again). For the boss - it is better to switch 1 shield for a gun. I saw a guide about first boss, go lookup there the tactics.
  • Enemies, that are about to spawn (you will see the hands on the ground), will only move closer to you on spawning, unless you are standing just in the next square. So you can camp spawn points at least 1 square away without fearing to take damage.
  • If you don't want to recollect more than you need, lookup boss tactics. Game is completly designed around absent knowledge (you will loose almost no matter what, if you fighting a boss with a wrong roster) and stat walls. Upon playing you will unlock extremely powerful buffs. Plus, you will be able to ressurect any Daughter of any level right from the start (or you can save them for boss).
  • In combat you don't really have to waste AP for moving to enemies. Just wait for them to come as close as possible and attack. Game penilize you for exceeding AP really hard, so save your AP, unless going burst is absolutely necessary or just safe.
  • I will hardly recommend you to recollect immediately after beating 1st boss. You will unlock ability for fresh Daughters start from level 4. You will save time on healing in a long terms.
  • Definetly check in-game codex. Mainly enemies descriptions. There are descriptions for ai attack priorities. So you can be almost certain who will be attacked and by whom. Extremely helpful.
  • Pay a really careful attention to a random events. Sometimes they can help you (or ♥♥♥ you in a hole, that you are prefer the least) extremely in a boss fights. Like 50% enemy health reduction for example.
  • Talking about strategic play. You can't choose order of actions even if 2 unit's are in the same point in a timeline, which is strange and basically hinders most of the combo possibilities.

Second Era

I hope you recollected already. Remember the fancy face-tank tactic in the 1st era? Well, forget it. First era is basically a tutorial. Now we get to a real deal.

  • There will be much more enemies in a combat. So dealing high damage is better than trying to tank. Double blademaster setup with a gunlady is preferable or you can go with 2 guns and 1 blademaster (if you have armor debuff upgrades for skills).
  • In the second era you will encounter 2 new enemies. Which can buff themselfs or teammates for armor, to the point, that you will be unable to deal damage if you have low damage multi-hit attacks or no armor-debuff upgrades.
  • Prepare to cycle your gunbabes really often. Their interruption skill is super powerful. It's not specified in the description how much damage they deal, but it's a lot, plus you can't miss with this skill, and it's interruption of course.


Written by Af&Fix.

Game:   Othercide