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Wargame: Red Dragon - Rocket Mig Double-Attack Crash Guide

Written by Kampfkekskrieger   /   Aug 1, 2020    

This guide describes a certain move with your Plane. The unguided Rockets can attack twice in one run, with increadible results.

Guide to Rocket Mig Double-Attack Crash


This guide is basicly applying to all planes that carry unguided rockets, so this is not only for Migs-planes, but I call those planes with unguided rockets 'Rocket Migs', to have a good word.

As you can see, The Rocket Mig is capable to attack both unloading helicopters at one run, ruining them both, if not kill. This is incredible valuable, as you get not only double damage on 2 targets instead of one, but also deny valuable units for opponents, that would hide seconds later anywhere, and need to be hunted later with much more effort.

How you perform this attack?

You must place a second target position order, just in the moment, when the Rocket Mig is starting to target the first one, visible at the symbols coming up at the bottom of the screen above the weapon boxes.

As you can see, the Rocket Mig is loaded with 64 unguided rockets, placing lots of damage, onto one position, making a big overkill, because every Rocket Mig is equiped with S-5M unguided Rockets with a HE Power of 2, meaning, if they hit 1 single target, they get 128 damage points on it, minus a bit because of inaccuracy, its a big overkill for light targets,

If the target is well armored, a full strike is recommenced though,. to increase the damage, if you want to archieve that, but now consider stll to do a double-strike, to have more damage expanse.

Which are the restrictions to do that?

Important: There are two cases which are to consider:

If you select a target to attack with the Rocket Mig directly, it will:

  • Not attack, if the target leaves your line of sight, wasting the Rocket Mig most probably, as it gets killed fast, as the primary purpose for Rocket Migs is to shut own Anti Air units fast, like tunguskas, right at the start of a match before a anti air network can be deployed.
  • If the target is still revealed, the Rocket Mig will fire its full rocket load to 1 target.

If you attack position instead:

  • The Rocket Mig will only fire the half load of rockets to the position it is supposed to attack.
  • You can use the other half of rockets for a second run, but playing a second fire-position onto the next target in shift-queue does not work.
  • To make it work, you must place the first fire position order, and then, when it starts targeting (and fire a second later), this is the moment when you place the second Fire position, onto a target in near!
  • You can only fire on targets, that are in the narrow fire corridor like 300 meters broad, and 500-800m long, nearby to the first fire position.

Written by Kampfkekskrieger.