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War Thunder - Basic Aircraft Tips and Tricks

Written by Paleo Jake   /   Aug 1, 2020    

This guide is intended to help you become a better pilot, and hopefully decrease the odds of you crashing into the ground.

Guide to Aircraft Basics in Tips

Tip #1: use tracers as your primary ammunition

They aren't the most accurate, but if you can't see your bullets then how will you ever hit your opponent? Research the new ammo belts modification and equip tracers as soon as you can.

Tip #2: defend your teammates

Chase planes that are attacking your friendly aircraft first, then go after other opponents. Chasing enemy planes that are attacking allies is a great way to rack up easy kills.

Tip #3: evasive manuvers

There are none. Fly to your teammates if you are in danger. Just be sure not to ram into them.

Tip #4: don't be a kamikaze

Ram killers are the most annoying thing in air battles, so please don't do it. It costs you a plane that could be used to do something far more important, like take out ground targets or multiple enemy aircraft.

Tip #5: so many payload options, what do I choose?

Go for the option that best suits your playstyle. More bombs/light bombs are good for ground targets in Ground Strike, while Fewer bombs/heavy bombs are good for taking out stationary targets such as AAA guns, enemy bases, and air fields.

Tip #6: learn from your mistakes

The more you get shot down, the better you'll get at the game.

Failure is the greatest teacher of them all.

Written by Paleo Jake.

Game:   War Thunder