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Terraria - Comprehensive Bats Guide

Written by Flat Eric   /   Aug 4, 2020    

A guide to Bats it will cover drops of items and the types and where to find and what not. I'm not gonna talk about statues or any weird stuff like that.

Guide to All Bats

Drops And Debuffs

Progression/Things that affect which bats spawn or how much health

Not only does expert mode give all bats the chance to give feral bite (except slimer) most increase by health depending on where you are in the game.

I'm not gonna go over the exact numbers but they increase when:

  • You beat Hardmode.
  • You beat Plantera.

Not only does this make it harder but they also drop more.


  • Shoomerang is not worth it and you're better off using enchanted boomerang.
  • Jungle bats are hard early game so staying away or being able to get past them somehow is good.
  • Farming vampires and solar eclipses for money is good. Try to kill them before they go into normal form due to the fact that their stats change (cough cough use stake launcher).
  • Feral bite sucks.
  • Jungle bat is the hardest pre hard mode bat but still drops less than other bats.
  • They can't go through walls and are stupid most of the time just trying to fly straight to your character.
  • No bat has a ranged attack.

Written by Flat Eric.

Game:   Terraria