Fairy Tail – Achievements / Trophies Guide

Short guide covering the requirements for every achievement…

Warning: This guide contains mild spoilers!

Tips & Tricks

All credit goes to Cheshire!

  • All achievements can be obtained in a single save and are unmissable. You will still be able to roam around after finishing story mode so you don’t need to worry about finishing the achievements before.
  • You can sprint by holding down the right bumper button.
  • Jellal’s skill Sema has a chance to instantly kill any non-boss monster, he makes regular requests a breeze, even better if you equip him with an Army of One 3* Lacrima ( 30% chance of having another turn after acting).
  • Wendy will make any fight easier as she can heal, revive, buff and deal a good amount of damage all in one package.
  • Each character has a unique Lacrima that only they can equip – don’t ignore them as they can easily outweigh the default ones, all Lacrimas can be crafted at Levy’s Laboratory.
  • Use Link Hunt to grind and don’t hesitate to use Magical Foundation Growth as soon as it’s available, it will make the 10 and 100 year quests a breeze.
  • Keyboard support for the game is abysmal, for your sanity use a controller if you can.

Combat Achievements

Massive Melee

Used Link Hunt.

You will need to advance through the story to unlock this feature first. Once you do go to any wilderness area and hold the left bumper button until you’re happy with the amount and press x. Pay attention to the color to avoid having your party wiped.

Magical Foundation Growth

Performed Magical Foundation Growth.

After finishing the story you can go to the Guild’s second floor and interact with Ultear’s Crystal. You will need a character at level 99 with 2000 Magical Foundation Points – obtainable by defeating any enemies. The best way to grind is to spam Link Hunts and clear them using Magic Chains, Jellal’s Sema also works very well. You can do this as many times as you want, stats are all capped at 999 except HP which is capped at 9999.

Magic Chain

Completed a 5 chain with Magic Chain.


Dealt 100,000 damage with Magic Chain.


Dealt 1,000,000 damage with Magic Chain.

There are a few upgrades that can help you increase your Magic Chain damage. In addition to ATK Lacrimas and maxing your stats through Magical Foundation Growth:

  • Fully remodeling the Library will provide 30% additional damage from Magic Chain.
  • Natsu’s unique rank 5 Lacrima “Core of the Fire Dragon” will increase Magic Chain damage by 50%.


Activated Mavis’ Law.

Mavis’ law is one of the Extreme Magic finishers you can get during a Magic Chain. As the chosen attack is completely random your best bet is to quickly charge your Fairy Gauge using Link Hunts and spam Magic Chain.

Rough and Rowdy

Destroyed 5 objects with Over Damage.

Demonic Destroyer

Destroyed all giant objects with Over Damage.

You only need to destroy objects with a golden icon to unlock the Demonic Destroyer achievement. The easiest way to reach the required damage is to form a Link Hunt next to them and use your Magic Chain attacks.

Candy Collector

Get all of the rewards from Nikora.

You can find candy randomly scattered through the maps in crates, barrels, or destroyable structures. You will need to collect all 50 and talk to Nikora in Lucy’s Room in Magnolia.

Character Achievements

Apprentice Wizard

Reached Character Rank 3.

Veteran Wizard

Reached Character Rank 7.

Basically a Wizard Saint

Reached Character Rank 10.

You can upgrade any character using the guild ledger. It will cost 1500 Fairy Points to fully upgrade one character, you can obtain points by doing requests. The greater the rank, the more points you’ll get. You can obtain up to 50% more Fairy Points if you fully upgrade and remodel your Request Board.

Some ranks or characters are locked behind Character Story quests, all characters have 3 story quests, the only exception is Gildarts who has only one.

Budding Bonds

Raised Bond Level of Team 3 to 1.

Have 3 or more character bonds at level 1. All in the same party.

Close Allies

Raised Bond Level of Team 5 to 2.

Have 5 or more character bonds at level 2. All in the same party.

A True Family

Raised Bond Level of Team 10 to 3.

Have 10 or more character bonds at level 3. All in the same party.

Wanna Go All Out? It’s Time to Duel!

Won a duel.

You can duel all playable characters, defeating any of them for the first time will yield rewards. You only need to defeat one to get the achievement. Easiest character to duel is Lucy with a recommended level of only 6.

*Locations are based on the restored guild building as seen in the Epilogue.

Move Over, Old Man!

Cleared “Gildarts Throws Down the Gauntlet”.

Clear Gildarts’ Character Story and obtain him as a playable character. He has only one Character Story quest during which you need to fight him twice in a row.

Guild Achievements


Upgraded a facility.

All-Access Pass

Upgraded all facilities.

Luxury Facilities

Upgraded all facilities to maximum.

You will need to upgrade all 10 facilities through the guild ledger up to the max level of 5. Remodeling levels don’t count for any achievement.

Lacrima Researcher

Synthesized a Grade 5 Lacrima.

You will need to upgrade Levy’s Laboratory to level 5 through the guild Ledger to unlock grade 5 Lacrimas. You can then synthesize one from a grade 4 one for 4000 Jewels. If you don’t have a rank 4 one you can buy it from Lisanna’s shop.

Guild Time

Used Link Party.

Feast of the Fairies

Participated in a Link Party with everyone.

Unlock all 16 playable characters and upgrade the guild stage to level 5. While in the guild hold down the left bumper button, wait for the count to reach 16 and press X. You will need to pay 8000J and wait for the cutscene to finish.

A Fledgling Guild

Attained Guild Rank C.

On the Way to Guildhood

Attained Guild Rank B.

A Bona Fide Guild

Attained Guild Rank A.

A Guild Among Guilds

Attained Guild Rank S.

Best Guild in Fiore

Became number one in the guild ranking.

To improve your Guild Rank you will need to complete requests and/or upgrade facilities. Requests have a Renown value between 1 and 5 based on how much will boost your rank.

Approximate positions in the ledger for each guild rank:

Gotta Do What You’ve Got To-Do

Completed all Guild Rank Goals.

Attaining any Guild Rank will unlock a set of missions you can complete for extra rewards, mostly Lacrimas. You will unlock most of them by just playing through the story.

Request Achievements

Fantastic Beast and Where to Hunt It!

Defeated a rare monster.

Rare monsters have a chance of spawning on any map only during a regular request. When entering the area, party members will remark that “something feels off” if a rare monster has spawned. They will have a purple aura compared to other monsters.

Just Call Me Genie

Responded to all community service requests.

Community Service requests can be found across all town and wilderness maps from villager NPCs. They always request materials that can be gathered from the ground or dropped by monsters. The easiest way to complete them is to do a bunch of Link Hunts in the area, especially for rarer drops. Progressing in the story will unlock new requests.

Request Trainee

Completed 5 requests.

Master of Requests

Completed 20 requests.

Smooth Sailing

Completed 50 requests.

Master of Requests

Completed all requests.

You will need to complete every single request, including Regular Requests – each rank will have 10 of them for a total of 50. You will need to have reached the Epilogue, request board fully upgraded to level 5, passed the S rank exam. 10 and 100 year old requests count towards the achievement.

Story Achievements

A Homecoming, 7 Years Late

Went back to Lucy’s house. 

Complete Chapter 1.

Unlocking the Second Origin

Unlocked the Second Origin. 

Complete Chapter 2.

Crocus, the Blooming Capital

Arrived in Crocus. 

Complete Chapter 3.

Champion of the Grand Magic Gamesl

Crowned Champion of the Grand Magic Games. 

Complete Chapter 5.

Last Ages

Used Last Ages. 

Complete Chapter 6.

Celestial Spirit King Summoner

Summoned the Celestial Spirit King. 

Complete Chapter 8.

Tartaros Crusher

Defeated Mard Geer. 

Complete Final Chapter.

Fire Dragon King Destruction Fist!

Defeated Ikusa-Tsunagi. 

Complete Epilogue.

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