The Battle of Polytopia – What Tribe to Pick

Depending on what you do best, i can tell you what tribe to pick.

Which Tribe to Choose

There Are a few things that are different from the mobile version of this game, while the tribes are no different, you can now customize the landscape. In this guide, I will tell you about the best tribe for any landscape you choose.


This section of the guide will tell you about the tribes that are best for spreading your empire quickly. While these tribes may not have access to many resources, they make their resources from multiple cities.

The Tribes included in this branch are:

  • Omanji
  • Yadakk
  • Aquarion
  • Kickoo

Yadakk: When you play as this tribe, you need to watch out for tribes like the Bardur and Vengir. Because if you connect roads everywhere and they take over even one city, it can lead to your demise. If you come across a dangerous tribe, then start building up. City walls are best advised.

Omanji: Same as the Yadakk, exept without roads, you need to be more careful due to the lack of resources. Try to spread in your climate first, then move on to more fertile lands in mid game, where most of the villages have been converted.

Aquarion: The amphibians have free diving. Meaning that you don’t need navigation to expand and explore. With this tribe, you want to try not to let anyone take sail to your land.

Kickoo: This tribe starts with fishing, meaning that it leads to sailing and Navigation. Not to mention the Kickoo usually start out in a Archipelago. The Kickoo’s biggest weakness is being sandwiched between other close tribes.


In this section of the guide you will know which tribes isolate them self from the rest of the square to build up resources and firepower. These tribes usually have some for of Isolation.

Tribes in this branch include:

  • Quetizali
  • Ai-Mo
  • Luxidor
  • Aquarion
  • Kickoo

Quetizali: This tribe is especially good with defense and spreading out rather slowly. This tribe is good for researching. This tribe is best in mid game. When you use this tribe, don’t attack with the shield units, just go up to the enemy, and only deal retaliation.

Ai-Mo: This tribe is hard to use, but yo get a bonus at the start of the game if you don’t attack in 5 turns. This tribe also leads closer to philosophy. Meaning that new research costs will be cheaper. Not to mention getting mindbenders and playing smart can lead to stealing Giants from other tribes.

Luxidoor: This tribe starts out with an advanced city, city walls, and can have a giant by turn 3 with a lucky spawn. However, they somehow start out with no technology. But when they get 3-4 cities, their resources snowball.

Aquarion: They are seperated from the others by water. They are basically the Omanji on water.

Kickoo: They have the opportunity to stay isolated due to their landscape.


Upgrading tribes spend time spreading and building up their cities.

These tribes are especially good in building up their cities:

  • Zebasi
  • Luxidoor
  • Quetizali
  • Xin-Xi
  • Imperius
  • Bardur

Zebasi: Since they start out with farms, they can get two population per farm, not to mention they usually have two to three farms in the start of the game. Meaning that they can have a level two city on turn 0.

Luxidoor: It is just necessary for them to keep growing to work up for an early game giant.

Quetizali: They have a very fertile landscape and usually start out with a lot of organization resources.

Xin-Xi: They have diverse, yet limited resources in their landscape. They have the advantage of early exploration. Whenever you walk on a mountain, you get double vision for exploring behind the clouds.

Bardur: They usually start out with a lot of bears in their area, and they have numerous forests, so forestry is a good boost in resources.

Imperius: This tribe usually starts out with plenty of fruits and animals in their land, sometime around a large spot of water where you can go fishing.

Hostile Takeover

These tribes are really good with taking over other tribes in the early games:

  • Vengir
  • Bardur
  • Hoodrick
  • Omanji
  • Elyrion

Vengir: They have no resources what so ever in their area ( most of the time), but they have the advantage of double swordsmen by turn 0. If they can’t capture anything from opposing tribes, then it’s game over for them.

Bardur: Since they have hunting, it’s very close to forestry. You can then use forestry to save up for mathematics for catapults. If you have extreme luck, than you can get catapults by turn 7-15.

Hoodrick: This tribe starts out with archery, so I think we all know where this is going: just spam archers early game.

Omanji: They have the same resource problem as the Vengir. However, they have horse back riders, so just spam horses and overwhelm your enemies.

Elyrion: Only play this tribe when you want to frustrate people. They have polytaurs to enchant early game instead of hunting animals. Basically two dollar swordsmen (broken). Not to mention when they enchant whales, they become knight giant battleship hybrids. BROKEN.

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