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So, you’ve probably seen TipToe. It feels super dumb for some people maybe, because the common consensus of strategy is to “be as close as possible to the front but not the actual front, let the other guys discover which tiles are fake and fall, while you go onwards to victory”. while this strategy is valid, the problem happens when everyone does this near the end of the path. The furthermost highlighted tile will be crowded when everyone just waits, and sometimes people even start pushing each other on purpose, simply due to the fact that if you fall near the end, you definitely won’t qualify, the other guys in the middle of the bunch don’t have to respawn and steal your spot. However, I’ve discovered one small “tip” that helps. this guide is going to be extremely short. Of course, I don’t totally “disrespect” the method of “be evil and push people off to discover tiles”, but I need to make it clear that there is a way to play where most people (at the front, anyways) are happy.

What is “TipToe” exactly? That’s where the tip is

The first question is not asking about fall guys. Do you know the meaning of “Tiptoe” in the dictionary in the first place? no? well, let’s take a look!

from Google: “Tiptoe; walk quietly and carefully with one’s heels raised and one’s weight on the balls of the feet.

So what’s the tip? It’s related to the definition. The name of the round tells you how to play, isn’t that neat!

I discovered that if you walk “slowly” and be at the edge of a tile, you can automatically Trigger the tile next to it (discover if it’s real = highlight or if fake = disappear), without you yourself actually falling off.

So the strategy is “walk full speed, but when near the edge of a tile, tiptoe to the next”. That’s it.

Of course, this is far from perfect. The “overcrowding at the furthest tile” don’t help. People want to be near the end so that they can 100% qualify and I get that, there isn’t much leisure time or space to tiptoe. But in case you’re ever in a situation where you’re “far in front” without many people behind you, this tip may help you discover paths safely, although your “slowness” is going to let a lot of people behind catch up and crowd your tile. Until then, tiptoe your way to victory!

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