Othercide – Walkthrough Tips (from Early to Late Game)

Gameplay Tips and Tricks (from Early to Late)

All credit goes to Bruno Botafogo!

First all with no spoiler

Iniciative, you have a 100 time line bar, and that means where u will move after u pass a round. In your character have 2 stats. Iniciative first round and Dalay XX/YY where XX = If u use only the first bar of yours AP points and YY = if u use more tha the first bar AP points….

Se your first turn if not happens is the inicial turn value, and the second will be the inicial + XX if you don’t Brust, and Inicial + YY if you Brust.

How it works. This start on 0. So goes for the first lower inicial iniciative.

Them when the bar moves. All characters will be pass the same value. So it’s begin on 0, a enemy act on 16 (his Delay 70), and you on 27 (XX = 48):

Enemy first. He will act when he reach 0. You will be 11 (27-16). After he acts he add 70.

You act second. When you reach 0, he will be at 59 (70-11).

Now tips with a little spoiler

You need to know before continue, the epic of this game is the surprise mode… the “you don’t know what happen factor” so i only suggest you continue if you are getting troubles:

Build yours Chars

I suggest two for begin type os chars:

Runners and Bosses.

Runners build will easy clean maps and moves on it. And will not spend alot HP for map. Tha make you safe to make all quests and farm alot XP.

You need to have in mind those characters will be food most probably.

The first thing to know is:

When you generate a char his atribute are random. So you need to know how great they can be:

Max life, armor, dmg, dodge are where i most notice.

A sword gives DMG when consumed, Pistol Dodge, Shield Breaker Life.

So if you know what they genarete more you can select the apropriated class for him.

But when you got a rare one. Max DMG most of then for what i’m going to sugest. You keep than for Bosses run.

How better the stats. More you will protect him.

A few more spoilers

There is a another class u open latat… she can lower u turn inicial and delay… This is really important in future…

Spoilers hard

Here i will tell you what team make and skills and how easy do all maps. Don’t go further if you wanna challenge your self.


  • Rescue: Don’t Rush… Better fight the waves… if the Soul pass certain areas you spaw more monsters… let they come on max time tu you deal with tham.
  • Ritual: Kill Minimum! go for the last soul and bring some “React Skill” than one attack will spaw more htis… and easy destroy it before more enemy come… Some mobility if nice, some maps you need to move alot but if you can jump walls alot more faster.
  • Survival: Don’t try to farm outside of the rescue area…. if you already got some experience on the game u can farm inside the area and before all go downs u leave…

For other maps use the preffer order above:

  • Tipo against mobs.
  • They have preffered targets always read codex!!! use it to position.
  • Preffer to kill targets: Ravages, Hunters/Reapers, Caretakers on boss 1, Moggot (if u in range), Infested, Shield Corrupted and Pistol Corrupted.

Maggot roots. Ravages act alot pistol corrupted and infested reduce iniciative (if more than one they can act many times before you go), Hunters and Reapers the move only in first round but after that they move jump hit and use daley actions.


1 Blade 3 Gunners For bosses.

First boss 1 blade 2 pistols.

Pistol Build

  • -> Shadow Round -> Decrease armor in one is need for second boss and good for others, Target takes more DMG is GOD, and u can put reduce iniciative, but thrid boss will trigger with that.
  • -> Spirit Haste -> Bonus DMG
  • -> Spirit Brust -> 2 gunners with lower iniciative and one with DMG boost…


  • -> Imovable Stance -> % skill dmg
  • -> Sidestep -> +armor
  • -> Menacing Stance -> % skill dmg

With that team u can boss yours iniciative all the time you want almost with no enemy acting. Boost indefenely your DMG, and when u deal dmg. Every one hits the same target with the react skills. So 1 full atack of your blade master will do like 3 strikes with 12 bonus hits.

You only need to make all set for the sword hits. So she will be the last one to act. Use pistal class to control the turns and buff. When you will relase your sowrd to atack, all gunners need to active Counters and react skill. Then go for your blade turn and active all and start hitting.


First Boss

Only active yours counters lore the boss with the sword to one side. Go with gunner to another. Go for the caretakers. Kill than all wait boss lose his armor. Only interrupt until that moment than active all, go with your sword and when all gunners have all activated. Slash him down.

Try do use all chars very close for now on

Second Boss: use walls to comer u blade back… he can push you after holy cross on second form… Active counters… Be careful to do not change his phase before you have all positions set than start to kill him. He only change phase after you pass the round so do all dmg you can and next time go to finish.

For now on you will need lvl 10 on pistols and sword. You control the turn. Put one pistol with the scytle trait to have a very little iniciative start buff indefinitely and kill than on first attack action.

Runners Build

Shield are tanks who easy control turns for maps. I don’t like the class only made one for now you can skip. In beggining u will like a bad stats but high like germinate to chose shield and give extra live to another person.

Scytle perfct to grow pistols on buffs… Deadly dand can do 3 delay actions on 0 iniciative and proc alot of shadow round. Very nice to up than shadow round is need to make some extra XP doing kills on pistol but you can go safe with more calculations to do not lose HP% to activate nothing.

Sword with lightning strike

Gunners with wratfull rain, profected force and detonating shot are cool to clear fast and don’t lose HP… but use than in early game to make posible heal yours chars on late game.

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