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Fall Guys - Peoples Headgear and What to Expect

Written by InsomniGold   /   Aug 6, 2020    

This is pretty much a very stereotype thing, I've watched Soundsmiths video's on TF2 Stereotypes, When i begun playing Fall Guys i also noticed a pattern of certain headgear and what they do, so i made this.


There are of course exceptions to all of these headgears, but this is what ive noticed is more consistent among them.

No Headgear:

Very Widespread, either Downloaded the game in the past 5 minutes, or a finalist. look at their colors and patterns to determine.


He will likely run it with the Bottom, if he doesn't then he doesn't have it, He's also not one of your primary concerns in most games.


Fairycorns would be your more casual player and unexperienced player, you won't see them in the finals alot. yeah.

Ecto Pirate/Pirate:

Okay so Pirates, If they use the Pirate pants, you know for sure they dont know what this game is.
If they don't, They are most likely half decent players. You will probably find them in the Semi-finals where they get eliminated.
A Note: Since they are half decent, they do also make mistakes, The ones they make though, tend to get them disqualified.


The Astronauts are a rarer find in Fall guys, But of what ive seen, these guys are pretty decent or maybe even good.

Big Bad:

This is the hat so far that everyone uses because they got it for free, With so many people using it you will find them in the mix of pretty much every other hat in the game.


Most Definitely a Tryhard, not a bad kind but yeah. Found in the Finals, alot.

Gordon Headcrab:

The Preorder Gordon Headcrab huh, This is basically a guide of me saying alot of the hats users dont go very far, Gordon headcrabs will go just as far as a pirate in a FFA game, but in team games,.Yeahh dont expect anything.


They like grabbing things, alot.


In Beta this was the costume for Tryhards, Trolls, Memes. those things, now that the game is released not alot of people use it anymore, its new spot is mainly for those tryhards and trolls from the beta testing, and when it comes to those, Yeahh thats your main issue in terms of enemies.


Idk, Tactical advantage when playing Team games.

Pitcher Perfect:

On the day of this release, Pitcher Perfect was put in the regular shop, Theres not much to say other than the people using it today are the ones that will follow the shop like their life depended on it.


This one took The Pigeons Trolling Players.


Not a very good player, but not a bad one either.


The First day of the game Raptor.


It was bought for the memes, it aint used by tryhards dont worry.

Written by InsomniGold.

Game:   Fall Guys