Fall Guys – Winners Guide

Please note: all credit goes to Antivist!

Useful Tips and Advice for Gameplay


I have no life and already grinded my way to the top despite how much the servers have tried to stop me, here’s some general information to get you there as well.

You can easily grab people every game, in fact on maps like roll out I’d encourage it. You should learn the potential of grabbing as early as possible to increase your survival odds. On tip toe if you don’t grab people you’re just increasing your chances of getting knocked off. If you always push towards other players while holding grab you’re less likely to be that guy going flying into the abyss of slime.

In the team tail minigames don’t just sit around with other people, you can sit in the middle area on the edge of the conveyor belt and when someone with a tail comes flying by, you can walk up and snatch it and then run off, you should get comfortable with movement if you want to guarantee more wins.

In the solo tail games (not royal fumble) you can get a tail and hang out on the ramps that lead up to the center with the spinny hammer, then if someone comes towards you, just jump to the next ramp over counter-clockwise, you can just jump like that the entire game and no one will ever catch you as long as you don’t mess up your jumps.

In team games yeah sometimes you have trash team mates, but just like any other team game you can only control you, I’ve solo carried so many fall ball games because I just play around the middle of the map constantly and hit the ball at angles where I know exactly how the enemy players will hit it back so I can get another free hit, once you get a feel for fall ball you can dominate it pretty hard and you can even control the ball solo against like 4+ other players.

In scrambled eggs my best advice is don’t go for the gold eggs at the start, its a waste of time and makes you a target. Get as many normal eggs as possible, because its harder to steal 5 normal eggs than it is one gold egg. Get enough eggs from the middle by just throwing them towards your base, never walk all the way to your base with the egg, pick up the egg, jump dive, aim the egg towards the base, if you think the egg wont make it, aim it so the hammer will knock it the rest of the way for you, doesn’t have to be perfect. When you go to steal eggs from another base, you can just throw them out from the bottom level of the base, don’t stress about gold eggs, over half the lobby is likely already doing that for you.

The jinxed minigame you can either get infected I guess but I normally just try to survive as long as possible because there’s always those one or two guys on each team that you can’t find due to the size of the map and if you’re that one guy and only the bad players on the other team see you then you can prolong your team’s defeat.

Ultimately if you wanna win more, focus on what you can do better, and don’t cry about rng. The reality is other than your starting spot, there’s almost no rng in this game, race maps have no rng other than door dash or tip toe, idk if you consider those race maps. Tail games no rng, and the final rounds have no rng other than starting spots (which is why the only bad final round is fall mountain, where the game is actually determined based on spawns when playing against better lobbies).

Oh and finally, hoopsie daisy is ♥♥♥, the rings will never spawn next to you, dont sit on the edges of the map you’ll be wasting your time. You’re likely better off hanging around the spinning platforms.

Also all you need to know is that slime climb is the best map, if you can’t see that then you need to git gud.

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