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Fall Guys - Guide for Reaching the Final (Races, Teams, Survival, Hunt and More)

Written by Lim-Dul   /   Aug 8, 2020    

A breakdown of basic gameplay techniques combined with detailed tips for each round allowing you to consistently reach reach the finals!

Gameplay Basics

First Concept: All that counts is reaching the finals.

Unless you're grinding achievements the rewards for reaching and winning the finals outweigh anything you might get for finishing first in any earlier rounds. Even when grinding achievements it is much faster to just play cleanly and consistently since you're avoiding the matchmaking queue between fails.

Your ONLY goal in every round apart from the finals should be surviving and playing as safely as possible, even if that sometimes mean sacrificing a first-place finish.

However, trust me, when you follow the gameplay tips for playing safely you'll still very often finish first in a round and almost always top 50% or top 20% regardless.

Second Concept: Fall Guys is a physics-based game.

Never forget that. And this leads us to some basic tips.

Jump as little as possible, especially in race or survival rounds.

Every unnecessary jump you take is a major risk - at best you'll stumble, at worst you'll fall over. You can collide with other players, you can hit obstacles or you can simply land at a different angle and fall over.

The only times you should consider jumping is when:

  • Bridging unavoidable gaps.
  • Trying to reach a higher elevation (duh).
  • The round demands it (e.g. Jump Club - duh - or Hoopsie Daisy etc.)
  • Maybe, just maybe, avoiding other players (e.g. in Hunt).

The best and specifically safest way of moving around in Fall Guys is just... walking. You'll notice this in the See Saw round which many find very challenging and yet is actually very easy when played right.

Granted, you can get a very slight forward boost when jumping on shallow downward slopes but the risks usually outweigh the benefits. Also, you might consider a dive-jump when crossing the finish line on an incline to cover a bit more distance and finish earlier.

Stay away from moving objects.

By moving objects I mean everything from the pistons on Slime Climb or the walls in the final "tunnel" of Block Party to other players.

You can never foresee how the physics engine will react each time - keeping in mind lag, server-client desyncs and the-like. Remaining in control is the most important thing.

Don't grab players [in race or survival rounds].

Don't get me wrong - I don't want to discourage you if you're getting a kick out trolling other players instead of winning, I'm just saying that grabs are simply a risky maneuver and will diminish your consistency.

Both you and the grabbed player have inhibited movement during the grab and "pop" in different direction upon escaping or aborting the grab. The only "advantage" the grabbing player has is knowing exactly when he releasing the grab, so basically reflexes.

There are some exceptions to the rule but we'll go into them in the respective round sections.

Race: Dizzy Heights

Unless the player-base gets much better over time I pretty much don't see a safe and consistent player being eliminated in this round.

The map is divided into four sections:

  • Rotating platforms on the ground
  • Lanes with balls rolling down
  • Rotating platforms in the air
  • Rotating rings on the ground with an incline and balls rolling down

First Section

The round is slightly starting-position biased.

Generally due to the way the platforms rotate in the first section the path on the right is slightly faster than the path on the left. Obviously, starting from one of the back-rows is also a disadvantage but I wouldn't worry about it.

It's very important that you follow the golden rule of not jumping in the first section - it's utterly unnecessary and can only result in you getting knocked over and spun around on the disks without control.

The best strategy is to just walk onto a disk and follow the rotation in a circular movement pattern ("Hadouken" on the thumbstick :) at the edge - that way you'll get maximum angular momentum.

Second Section

Not many tips to give here. Again, try sticking to the right if you can due to the next section but overall just avoid the balls. Side-stepping into the gaps and letting the ball pass is much quicker than completely switching the lane.

If you're really desperate you can try making a perfect dive-jump between the ball and the wall so the ball just rolls over you but truth be told it's an unnecessary risk and won't work every time.

Third Section

Your only goal is not to fall. Falling down and having to cross the spinning doors plus climbing up the long incline in the end can actually put you in the danger zone of elimination.

Just like in the first section follow the edge of the rotating platforms for maximum boost but this time you actually need to jump between them.

Also, the last platform is rotating counter-clockwise, so the right path is quicker since you only need to do a quarter turn instead of 3/4 of a turn to reach the next incline.

It's VERY important that you immediately start going left regardless of where you land after the last platform due to the next section.

Fourth Section

This is probably the section where you can make up the most time, even if you're a bit behind.

See, your goal is to reach the final incline as far to the left as you can. This is because the final ring is rotating counter-clockwise and thus all the players and balls will naturally tend to clump up on the right side.

What I usually do is a dive-jump off the incline onto the first ring (spinning counter-clockwise) as far to the left as I can, another dive-jump to clear the first ring and then just freely rotate to the left with the second ring (spinning clock-wise) as far as I can.

Then I just clear the final ring (spinning counter-clockwise) with two jumps - remaining careful as to not to be spun out too far to the right. Then I just stick to the left rail up the incline (this also makes you catch fewer balls tot he face).

Avoid the right side where players clump up and the middle which has those unpredictable bumps at all costs!

Race: Door Dash

This round only has one section - a series of doors - diminishing in number - at least one of which is always passable, and others that are solid.

This section requires very little skill to finish with no areas to fall off so it is crucial that you stick to the goal of qualifying, instead of finishing first.

The most important thing is that you always reset to the middle of the track unless the path in front of you is already opened, then you just follow the pack.

Otherwise what might happen is that you go for the door e.g. on the left and the real door is on the far right - bumping into the fake one will result in a massive time loss that might be hard to make up.

Your strategy when approaching each wall-of-doors will depend on where in "the player pack" you currently are.

If you're right at the front you can just risk running straight forward and jumping into the first door you encounter - if you're lucky, great, if not, you will lose some time but it's usually not tragic (if you remained in the middle).

If you're in around the first quarter of "the pack", consider staying back a little to see which doors open up. You really, really shouldn't try going for "unidentified" doors since in this position jumping at the wrong one might actually put you in an irrecoverable losing position.

In this position you should ideally go for regular jumps close to the door threshold so you land cleanly on the other side. Landing on the threshold will usually make you fall over.

Diving at this stage will only slow you down.

If you're around the middle of the pack you might actually try dive-jumping through the doors to muscle past the other players since there will be a massive clump of them at each door. Regular jumps are more prone to you getting knocked over and with the extra force and distance of the dive-jump you might actually clear a bottlenecked door and make up some time.

If you're in the last half of the pack - I don't know - how did you get there? Must have not been following the guide. ;)

The only way of catching up at this stage is probably taking a risk and going for an "unexplored" door. If you find it, you'll make up a massive amount of time due to avoiding the congested clump in front of you, if you don't, well, you were pretty screwed already. This obviously only works in the early to middle stages of the level when there are enough doors for a second chance - e.g. for the final three there is always only a single true one.

Last tip for the final jump off the ledge - try dive-jumping through the door as far forward as you can. The farther you land, the less risk there is of other players or door pieces falling on you and knocking you down on the final stretch.

Race: Fruit Chute

This round only has one section: A conveyor belt going backward with giant fruits and sometimes log being shot down the course.

Don't get me wrong - this level has quite a bit of randomness to it and you can sometimes get immensely unlucky, however, you can still increase your chances with these tips:

Don't rush to the conveyor belt.

It's very hard to resist the urge but on this map you should literally only care about qualifying, not your placement.

What I usually do is step to the side a bit and let the first wave of players jump down. Most of them will inevitably be knocked over, knock others over and roll off the conveyor belt.

Once they have fallen off and respawned, it's your chance to get in before the second wave.

Walk onto the conveyor belt.

Always remember the golden rule - don't take unnecessary jumps. Here it's best to just walk off the ledge onto the conveyor belt. Perhaps there will be a little stumble but you'll be safe. Jumps can result in disaster if bumped by another player or landing slightly askew.

Stick to the sides.

The pink triangular bumpers on the sides protect you twofold:

  • First of all if you get knocked over by a fruit you'll actually get stopped by the bumper instead of hitting e.g. another player and continuing to slide.
  • Second of all the bumpers usually deflect the fruits coming on this particular side to the middle, so by staying on the sides you'll naturally avoid around 1/4th of the projectiles.
  • The reverse is also true - never ever go to the middle. Periodically there are logs coming down the center of the conveyor belt and unless you have inhuman reflexes (and even then, if other players bump into you) it will send you down to you doom. Not to mention the fact that due to the triangular bumpers on the sides the fruits tend to get redirected to the center more often than not.

Race: Gate Crash

This level is divided into two sections (you could consider the smaller doors another section but I don't):

  • Doors opening and closing
  • Final slime slide with a gap and doors at the end

This is another one of those rounds in which I consider it pretty much impossible to get eliminated if you play properly - unless the player base becomes much better at the game.

No matter what you do, it is all about getting the final jump in section two on the first try - you can literally be dead last before the second section and still qualify just because so many players struggle with this particular jump.

First Section

Not much to say about it - classic platformer style obstacle. Only rule is to run for the doors that are currently closed when you're several steps away (since they will open when you get there) instead of chasing the already open ones.

If you're feeling feisty you can do some jumps or dives to get doors that are about to close but I consider this an unnecessary risk. You will literally be fine if you just walk towards and through each door.

Second Section

Many people seem to be failing at this jump and I don't get why. It's super easy. Just take a small pause at the top of the slide and identify which door is currently closing. You should start the slide when the chosen door has reached "peak closure" and when you get to the end of the slide you just make a simple jump or even a dive-jump to be safe et voila.

By the time you reach the end of the slide the chosen door will always have opened because the devs timed this section to make it work.

Race: Hit Parade

This is probably the easiest level to get consistently right - I don't even recall if I have ever failed to qualify on this one.

This round is divided into four sections:

  • Balancining on "logs" with a slime ramp below
  • Revolving doors (with a sliding one at the end)
  • Swinging balls (he, he)
  • Slime ramp with moving bumpers

First Section

I have an unusual tactic for this one but it's extremely consistent: Just ignore balancing on the logs, go into the third gap from the left or right (the ones in front of the platforms on the other side) and just do a maximum distance dive jump.

That way you'll avoid all the congestion on top, won't have to slow down for balancing and also don't risk falling in an uncontrolled later (especially with people falling on your head).

Try it - you'll notice that when you stand up and climb up the ramp you will still be among like the top 10 players - sometimes even better.

Second Section

This one is extremely easy. Just avoid pushing the revolving doors in the middle, only go for the inside parts of the doors on the left or right - otherwise the enemy team might be pushing against you.

Third Section

Also extremely easy since the pendulums swing very slowly. Just stick to the far right or left edge of the path - that way only two pendulums per side can even reach you and the first ones are right in the beginning so you won't wall down even if you get bumped.

Fourth Section

The final section is just as easy - just stick close to the left or right rail, the bumpers don't reach all the way to the sides. Since you should have been on the right or left from finishing the previous section this level mostly consists of simply running forward - so easy.

Race: See Saw

Considered one of the two hardest levels by many this one is actually super easy if played right.

People are struggling with the see saws so much, it literally doesn't make a difference how quickly you finish the level as long as you play it safe and don't fall down.

Just by making it through on the first try you'll probably reach top 20% no sweat.

You could say the round is divided into three sections but they're all very similar and pretty much the same strategy applies to all of them.

  • Three see-saws in a row slightly off-set.
  • Alternating see-saws turning up to around 70 degrees to each side.
  • Alternating see-saws turning up to around 80 degrees to each side.

General Rule

Never ever jump when switching to a see-saw that is lower than the current one. Just walk off the edge. That's what most people get wrong and why they struggle so much. If you jump you'll just add height to the jump and stumble or directly slide off upon landing.

First Section

Super easy, just run in a straight line through the center of balance of the see-saws, again, I repeat, without jumping. For the final see-saw depending on your position in the pack you might predict which way it turn to decide whether going left or right. In my experience the final see-saw before the intermission leans to the left, which means most people will end up on the right path and this in turn means the first see-saw of the next section will be balanced heavily towards the right and you might get stuck - so watch out.

If you want to show off it's actually possible to land on top of the rails in the intermission sections but why risk it? ;)

I usually just do a dive-jump for maximum safety.

Second Section

Keep the rule of not jumping unless absolutely necessary in mind and you should be fine.

Here you should also use your head a little bit to predict how other players are moving. If a lot of them are gathering a currently balanced see-saw on the right, you should preemptively gun for the left and vice-versa.

The most important thing is not panicking. In this section the see-saws don't till so far as to prevent you from climbing or making you automatically slide-off so you can always slowly inch your way to any location.

Third Section

The only difference between this and the previous ones is that the see-saws can actually tilt a bit farther than before and at maximum rotation they will make everyone fall off (during the beta all see-saws were like that, just imagine!). However, only the part with the two off-set see-saws is tricky, the first one and the final two ones are aligned so you can just step over through the center.

Truly, just by not jumping too much in this round you should make it to first 20% easily and pretty much never be eliminated. I don't recall when I last failed to qualify during this round ever since I stopped jumping like a mad man.

Race: Slime Climb

Considered by most players the hardest round - which it probably is - this one is a bit special. It's a race round where you are instantly eliminated if you fall into the slime - very much unlike other races.

Also, the sections in this round are a bit mechanically challenging if you don't have experience with 3d platformers.

However, fret not, the main thing that can make you lose in this round are:

  • Other players.
  • Panicking.
  • Taking unnecessary risks / shortcuts.

I swear, I have never ever seen this round being finished by more players than are required to qualify - I think the most I saw was 1 guy short.
So it literally doesn't matter if you finish last as long as you finish at all and just keep ahead of the slime which isn't even rising that quickly.

I will be mentioning the shortcuts I know in each of the sections but the golden rule is to never take shortcuts unless there are absolutely no players around or perhaps you're dead last and need to catch up because the slime is creeping on you.

The round is divided roughly into 8 sections:

  • Ramp with triangular bumpers and sliding pistons on top (I count that as one).
  • Ramp finishing with two moving pistons and gaps you have jump over.
  • Ramp with conveyor belts and moving bumpers.
  • Balancing on "logs".
  • Ramp with slime and rotating hammers.
  • Ramp with 4 moving pistons.
  • Ramp with slime and moving bumpers.
  • Final stretch with swinging pendulums.

I think the variety and complexity of the challenges is what overwhelms most people, so let's take it head on.

First Section

Just head up the ramp and make it through the pistons. Remember the general rule of Fall Guys tactics, staying away from moving objects - it's especially important in this level.

If there's too much congestion just wait it out. The pistons are made from two parts and if you stay too closely to them or another player pushes you against the piston you can get caught by the "seam" between the two physics objects and be pushed off even if you did nothing wrong.
Otherwise the movement is very simple - move forward when a piston is full extended, not when it's closed or extending, otherwise you risk being pushed off.

Shortcut Alert!

If you feel like it you can actually jump onto and bounce off the stationary triangular bumpers to reach the piston ramp. It works both on the first and second bumper. However, there's literally no reason to do it unless you're some kind of speed-runner AND you have a forward starting position. So many players will attempt this shortcut for absolutely no reason, most often then not they will just bump into each other, knock each other over and waste time that they might need later.

Second Section

Here the challenge is that the pistons move out of sync and you sometimes have to wait a few cycles for them to get out of sync. Watch for the pattern where the first piston is closing slightly ahead of the second one and you'll be fine - never jump if the pattern is reversed, that is the second piston is closing slightly ahead (duh). Otherwise everything that applied to the first piston section applies here too.

Shortcut Alert!

You can actually jump or climb up to the first piston platform from the first gap (the one you would have to jump over).

Again, it's utterly unnecessary. Your camera might get stuck at a weird angle so you cannot see the phase of the second piston. Usually so many people are trying to bridge the obstacle this way that there might be a huge pile-up in this "trench" resulting in everybody blocking each other and falling over.

Also, the people that are taking the regular route have a height / physics advantage - if they're jumping over the gap they might collide with you and knock you back down.

Third Section

This one is actually pretty easy. Just enter the conveyor belt on the far right and move through the section at a 45 degree angle, resisting the conveyor belt and sticking to the right. On a controller you just hold the left stick up and right. It'll be quite slow but extremely safe - especially since for most of the way the bumpers don't even go all the way to the right.

Fourth Section

Again, take it slow - most importantly make sure that there are no other players around, if there are, just let them pass or take the "log" they are not taking.

No real tips on how to balance here, the safest way is probably to not jump (as usual) and control your movement by moving the camera instead of altering the movement direction itself - especially if you're using a keyboard and only have 8 directions available to you.

Fifth Section

I find this one extremely easy. There's a straight line you can trace from around the center of the beginning of the slime ramp to the corner of the next ramp. Literally no hammers will reach you when you go in this straight line and the last corner contains a shortcut which is the only one I always take and officially endorse since it's so safe. ;)

Shortcut Alert!

You can actually jump up the corner where the second to last hammer is. The hammer shouldn't even be able to reach you in that location. If you need a little boost you can dive at the end. I highly recommend you take this shortcut since you'll naturally end here when taking the safest path up the ramp and it actually allows you to avoid the last hammer - thus resulting in less risk than the regular path.

Sixth Section

Pistons again, the only challenge is that there are 4 of them and there's little room between them. Luckily the players should be whittled down by so much so far that you should be pretty alone and safe up here. Just take it slow and follow the piston-crossing tips from before.

Seventh Section

Not much I can tell you about since it's all about timing and patience - the bumpers actually move all the way to the edges so you can be in for a nasty surprise. Only tip from my perspective is sticking more to the left side than the right since on the left you'll just fall down one level - provided the slime hasn't reach it already while on the right side you'll be insta-eliminated.

Eight Section

Final stretch and yet I see some people fail here. Just stick to the far left or right edges - the pendulums cannot even reach you here and will just swing over your head.

The only thing you should watch out for are troll-players who are so proud that they made it all the way to the finish that they like grabbing / blocking you. In that case the edges might actually be slightly dangerous.

Race: Tip Toe

This round is just one section with a labyrinth where you directly fall through most of the break-away tiles. The round can be extremely unreliable if there are too many players since they will clump up on one tile and push each other off constantly.

Still, you could divide the strategy you should take into three parts:

First Half of the Level

Just madly jump and dash around to find the correct path. It doesn't matter if you fall off since it's the beginnign of the round.

Three Quarters of the Level

Now you should get more careful, if there are too many players consider hanging 1-2 tiles back to let the others scout ahead. Always watch for tiles that will shake occasionally - they are never safe. This can actually provide some useful info regarding the path since there are no dead ends.

Last Quarter of the Level

Now you should be extremely careful and watch out for shaking platforms like hawk. The goal is to safely reach the third row of tiles and deduce where the path is (or let the other players scout).

Here's the biggest "secret" some of you might not know and which I'm almost reluctant to share because it made me win so many times in this round:

The final two tiles always go in a straight line towards the finish.

That means if the second to last tile has been discovered you can just make a mad dash to the finish with 0 risk. Likewise, if you're in the third row and all other tiles have already been eliminated as unsafe or "shaky", you can sometimes realize that there's only one possibility left - people will think you're a madman for making blind dashes / jumps onto two undiscovered tiles but you know better. ;)

P.S. You can, in theory scout by stepping like a pixel off a safe platform and immediately jumping back but it is faaaar too risky, especially in the last half of the map. If you fall, you will probably not be able to catch up to the others no matter what.

Race: The Whirlygig

To me it's the third easiest round after Hit Parade and Gate Crash - unless 50% of the players get miraculously better at the game.
Everything is about the final platform with the rotating arm and fan in front of it. So many people struggle with making the jump that you can pretty much arrive there dead last (without having made stupid mistakes) and still easily qualify. All that matters is not falling down.

You can divide the round roughly into 6 sections:

  • Platforms with rotating arms (no gaps)
  • Ramp with conveyor belt / ledge to climb / jump on and rotating fan
  • Three rotating fans
  • Ramp with conveyor belts and fast moving fan
  • Platforms with rotating arms (in the air)
  • Slowly rotating fan blocking the final ramp

General tips for jumping over rotating arms:

Try jumping against the direction of the rotation of the arm - so if it is rotating counter-clockwise, stick to the left. That way you see the arm coming instead of it coming from behind and you having to rely on timing alone. Also, that way the arm passes under you more quickly.

Try keeping your distance from other players - as usual. Sometimes they will be picked up by the rotating arm and knock over everyone whether they jump or not.

If possible, try taking jumps closer to the center of the spinning arms. The arms have less momentum in the center (but the same angular speed) so if one catches you, you won't be immediately hurled across half the map as if hit by a baseball bat.

First Section

Your worst enemy are other players. Otherwise I prefer to take the left path because apart from the first circle you can take "safe" jumps against the direction of the arm rotation twice. This is especially helpful for the final circle with double-arms.

Some players actually try to get smacked around by the arms to get a boost but this is unnecessary and risky. You never know what the physics engine will do and sometimes you might get flopped around to the beginning of the level. Don't do it - it's all about consistency and qualifying.

Second Section

There are several ways you can approach it. I would suggest avoiding the conveyor belt since it can make you fall over if you're moving too much or bump into other players.

The preferred way of crossing the ledge is jumping off the two yellow blocks but as always jumping is risky and depending on your position in the "pack" people will clump up here to no end.

For maximum consistency you could just go to the far left or right and grab the ledge and heave yourself up. It's very slow but very safe - I used to do it that way until I realized that nothing matters on this map until the last section anyways. ;)

For passing the rotating fan just wait till a blade is directly in front of you and dive-jump. Diving gives you extra reach for actually passing the obstacle and also momentum should other players bump into you.

Third Section

It's a joke, don't even know why I made a chapter on it. There are three rotating fans, on the left and right there are gaps between the blades where you can walk straight through. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Don't risk any other strategy.

Fourth Section

For this one I'd recommend taking it slow since getting caught by the fan can mess you up quite a bit. Just let the conveyor belt carry you without too much movement - it's easier to pull reverse if you're not moving forward. If a blade is coming just do a quick backward pull on your stick / keyboard and let the belt carry you over the edge (obviously without jumping).

Another benefit of this is that you won't fall over or stumble if you do it that way.

Fifth Section

Just ignore the conveyor belt and fan in the middle. You cannot reliably cross it and there's literally no benefit to doing so. At this stage in the level there should have been no places for you to lose time or fall off so why try going for speed?

My preferred path is always to the left - reason being, the fan in the middle is spinning counter-clockwise and thus launching players to the right. If you're unlucky they will bump into you and swipe you off the platform. Also, congestion is always bad.

Sixth Section

Now, this is where it's at. Just keep calm and remember - your only goal is to not get knocked off the platform AND make the jump to the final ramp on first try.

The only thing that can make you fail to qualify in this round is if you get smacked around too much on this platform or get impatient.

Just focus on the rhythm of the spinning arm and wait for the final fan to make a gap for you to jump. For maximum safety do a dive-jump - most people who fall down try making a regular jump and that's the problem.

Survival: Block Party

One of the easiest rounds - rarely ever are the "required" number of people eliminated in this level.

You are standing on a platform in the middle and periodically barriers with gaps in various places will spin from front to back, potentially taking players with them.

The round can be divided into three stages:

  • Barriers with simple gaps
  • Barriers with gaps and thresholds you have to jump over / barriers with "U-shaped" dead-ends
  • Final stage with a tight corridor with either bars to jump over or left-right barriers

Regardless of the stage, there are general tips you can follow to maximize your chances of survival.

Always return to the middle of the stage

There's a nicely defined pattern on the platform in the middle. You should always return to the tip of the center triangle, 1-2 steps away from the edge.

Stay away from other players

As usual, other players pose a danger. Some of them are also "grabby", so you should try avoiding congestion. Sometimes this even means going through a gap that is a bit farther away just to avoid the player-clump. This is especially important in the stages where you have to jump over something.

Jump as little as possible

I feel like I'm repeating the basic gameplay tips over and over but here it's especially important. If you trip or stumble you can easily be carried with a moving obstacle without ever getting a chance to recover.

Don't grab players

Another repeat of the basic rule. Grabbing can hurt you as much as the player you're grabbing onto. The goal is to survive. I have seen "grabby" players be swept away when trying to eliminate someone else countless times. Again, if you find it funny or if that's your goal - go for it - just don't expect to reach the final as consistently as you otherwise would.

Stay away from moving barriers

Aand another repeat of the basic rule. Here it's also extremely important. Don't make your moves too tight just to show off - always pass obstacles with a large enough safety margin. This is especially important during the final "corridor" stage. If you stay too close to the walls - which are constructed out of individual barrier-pieces with seams in-between, the physics engine can sometimes get you stuck between objects. That way you'll be grabbed and swept away fro no apparent reason.

Small tip observed when watching Helldustii:

You can actually move your camera all the way to the right when standing at the edge of the platform to see what obstacles are coming your way early. I have tried it several times and I simply find it unnecessary. You have ample time to avoid obstacles anyway.

Survival: Roll Out

This round is extremely easy. You have to survive on rings rotating in alternating order with a semi-randomly generated layout of gaps and obstacles on each one of them without falling into the slime.

To be honest, I cannot give too many specific strategies besides sticking to the gameplay basics since the round is usually survived by more players that the elimination threshold - it's that easy.

Please note that the layout of the map is not symmetrical and I personally find the left side (looking from the starting orientation) easier than the right side.

Just don't jump, avoid moving, avoid other players and you'll be fine. The big vertical walls are your friend - you are very safe around them as long as they are in front of you in the direction of the rotation.

What I usually do is just sticking a few steps next to the "seam" between the rings, let myself be carried to around a 60 degree slope in one direction (don't be afraid, you won't fall/slide off until you're on a slope of around 80 degrees), then just step over to the ring in the other direction.

Rinse and repeat. Also, keep vigilant to spot pushers/grabbers. Since the level is so easy most players get bored and try to troll others - which usually doesn't work but still.

Survival: Jump Club

This round is about surviving on a central platform with two horizontal bars spinning increasingly fast with a slight offset to them.

I find this round quite easy - the only danger are pretty much other players who fail jumps and knock you off your feet.

What you should be doing is standing close to the center of the ring since there the bars have less momentum and don't knock you out of the arena at first smack - you might still have a chance to recover.

As usual, jump over the bar against the direction of rotation to minimize the time you spend above it.

The other thing is just good camera control. Always keep the two bars in your field of view and try to judge the place where they will align - you cannot jump between them when they do, so move slightly forward with the direction of the rotation but don't overdo it.

As usual, your best bet is not to run or jump around too much and not grab other people - even if you manage to get the grabbed person hit by the bars you will either not have enough time to recover for your own jump or, if you don't let go quickly enough, you'll just get dragged with them. It's really not worth it.

Hunt: Tail Tag

This is the only round of the "hunt" type (if you don't count the Royal Fumble final) and can sometimes be a little bit random.

The most important tip is to maintain spacial awareness. Constantly rotate the camera to check if someone is approaching you from various angles - of course provided you have a tail.

If you don't have a tail, don't chase behind a person. It's quite unlikely you'll catch them unless they go for a risky maneuver and fail (and you don't). Rather, maintain spatial awareness and try to cut off a player that is being chased by someone else.

Once you have the tail avoid moving, running or jumping if you're not chased.

There are two strategies that I found to be the safest. The first one is completely fool-proof but doesn't guarantee not being caught, even if you're a skilled player:

Staying below the "bridges" in the center

Since you cannot tilt the camera too far down, going under the bridges will keep you out of sight for most of the players, most of the time. Sometimes I spent almost an entire round just hiding under a bridge with the tail to the wall. Once somebody starts chasing you, just run around in a circle until they lose sight of you - they might even go for another player entirely.

This strategy has no room for failure when it comes to movement mechanics but will not always work. Also, sometimes a lot of other players have the same idea and that attracts the "pack" - in that case you should consider the second strategy.

Staying on top of the "bridges" in the center

This strat is especially nice if you're good with precise jumps. There are only two directions anybody can approach you (unless they're jumping from "bridge to bridge" themselves).

The center has a rotating hammer so it will be hard for anyone to approach specifically your location without you spotting it miles away.
Half of the ramps for climbing up the center also have hammers, which further gives you some options and delays oncoming "attackers".

Again, keep spatial awareness. If you spot someone locked in on you, you have a lot of options what to do.

The preferred one - if you're good enough to pull it off 99% - is jumping to the next bridge. I found that most players seem to struggle with those jumps. Even if they manage them once, they might screw up the next one.

Another option would be to go into the center and let be smacked by the hammer. It's risky but you're unlikely to end up in the same location as you attacker. The only thing that could happen is that you'll knocked into someone else.

If not, just reset and go to the closest bridge.

The last option is to just walk off the bridge - yes, walk, NEVER jump. It's risky if there are people below but when another player is approaching they will quite often go for a jump, fall flat on their face and you'll be far away once they get up.

Tiny tip for gaining distance when chased

What I find works very well for shaking off your chasers in tiny increments is walking up low ramps and walking off them. You have to know at which distance from the ground your character doesn't stumble / fall over - which is a skill you should master anyways to employ the "jump as little as possible" rule.

If you constantly walk off ramps or medium-high ledges in a safe manner, I notice that most players who jump far too much or have not learned the proper safe heights through tens of See Saw rounds will continue stumbling and falling over when chasing you, thus you will gain distance.
This method is very, very safe - you're not jumping after all - and the worst that can happen is that you will not gain any distance.

Logic: Perfect Match

In the beta this used to be the easiest round - almost no one ever got eliminated in it but I think the devs made it slightly more difficult on the final stage.

This round is the only one classified as "logic".

There are three stages which always consist of some tiles lighting up with symbols of fruit on them for 10 seconds and then going blank when the timer is up.

Once the timer is up a single fruit will show up on the screens around the arena and after a short delay all platforms without the symbol shown will disappear.

Your goal is to memorize the patterns and obviously get to the correct platform after a fruit is shown.

The round is divided into 3 stages:

  • Two fruits to memorize.
  • Four fruits to memorize.
  • Six Fruits to memorize (and they sare shown less frequently).

The most important thing, as usual, is to stay away from other players if possible. There are quite a few pushers and grabbers in this round, especially if a lot of players came into the round and pretty much the only times I ever lost on this round was when I was pushed off the correct platform.

Otherwise the strategy is always the same for me:

  • Get into a corner so you get a good view of all platforms.
  • When they are shown, try to find a continuous line / pattern showing all unique fruits starting at your location.
  • Then just repeat the fruits out loud - yes, out loud, it really helps and makes the whole thing more consistent.
  • Once a given fruit is shown just jump to the correct platform in your memorized pattern. With this simple mnemonic trick it will be very hard to lose in this round - unless you're literally demented.

Small side-note: I noticed that some people simply go for the biggest clumps of players, seemingly without memorizing anything. I would advise against it - if there's a party of 4 players they sometimes purposefully trick people into standing on the wrong platform and jump away at the last second.

This is literally the only time I've seen large numbers of players eliminated here.

Team: Egg Scramble

This is one of the team games that I find you can win the most consistently by just applying a single technique.

The players are divided into three teams and the goal is to not have the least points (~eggs) in your own basket in the corner when the timer runs out.
All eggs start in the center and are worth 1 point. There are also 3 golden eggs that are worth 5 points each.

What I'm doing every single round is first collecting eggs - as long as there are any eggs in the center, just grab them and thrown them into your basket. it doesn't matter if they're gold or white - you can avoid getting eliminated without a single golden egg in your basket and they sometimes attract unwanted attention.

Remember to not walk all the way into your basket with the egg - you can dive while holding an egg and this will propel it quite a way forward.

After all the eggs in the middle are gone I usually go full defense. You see - everyone will be trying to steal each other's eggs and this is pretty much unavoidable so you don't need to contribute to the chaos - you just need to delay your own team's eggs being stolen too quickly.

If everything around you is chaos, the best way is always to choose a strategy you have full control over and which works in a predictable way:

"Edge guarding"

I borrowed this term from Super Smash Bros and funnily enough it is very similar to what you want to achieve in that game.

There are a total of three ledges in your basket - two low ones on the side and a higher one in the middle. What you want to do is stand right at the edge of either the left or right one (depending on where most of the enemies are currently trying to steal your eggs from) with your arms extended in a grab. If you do it right, you can permanently block a single player from stealing your eggs - they will literally not be able to jump up the platform.

If they manage to sneak past you somehow, you can still grab them. When the grab duration ends the egg will pop straight up and usually bounce back into your basket.

Just don't try to do too much here - blocking single players is enough. Don't go for the center platform either. It's too close to the edge of your basket and stopping players here can result to the eggs popping back out and into the center of the map.

Effectively you have taken one enemy player out of the game for the duration of the blocking. Your egg still counts as being in the basket, your team is still stealing THEIR eggs and they are achieving literally nothing. I hope you can see how this is beneficial.

Team: Fall Ball

In this round is most prone to sheer bad luck. You basically play football (soccer) against the enemy team with two balls on the field at all times. It is a bit like Rocket League in Fall Guys. Sometimes strange objects like fruit or balls of other shape (e.g. an American football) will spawn instead of regular ones.

Gut feeling tells me whether you make it through is based around 80% on how well your team is doing / gelling together and 20% on what you can contribute yourself.

Another factor is that with an uneven number of players remaining (which happens very often), one team will be one person short - a huge disadvantage in this particular game.

There are still some tips which will help you survive this round.

Have a goalie / be the goalie

This game is very unpredictable and balls can shoot toward your goal at any moment. After scoring a goal there are some techniques that can propel the spawning ball straight into a goal with great speed - no goalie means an instant goal.

Always look at your team and be aware of your surroundings - don't just chase the ball. If you see that one of your teammates - and you only need one if you're even or behind in the game - is playing the goalie - not just staying a bit back, literally staying in the circle around the goal - then all is fine.

If no one is guarding the goal then it should be you doing that. You'll thank me later. In most cases due to a general lack of coordination among the players it's far easier to just bump the ball away in some random direction than move it into the goal.

Grab players

Yes! Exception to the general rule - applies to all ball-based games. When both sides are randomly going for balls it's much easier to just grab a player and messing up his shot or even delaying his response than just leaping at the ball and hoping for the best. Especially if multiple players are going for the ball grabbing an opponent might mean that your teammates get a clean, unobstructed shot.

Play defensively

What I mean by that is that the game is very similar to Rocket League - but without the possibility of crazy dribbles and air-maneuvers. Just like with Rocket League - since the players are bound to the rules dictated by the physics engine - the player REACTING to a shot usually has the advantage compared to the player taking a shot. It's all a giant game of chicken.

For instance - if two players leap for a ball in the opposite direction, the first one will impart a certain momentum to the ball, the second guy leaping will apply MORE momentum to the ball in the other direction since the balls are bouncy. Also, the first guy to hit the ball won't have to recover after the jump / dive so the returned ball will just sail over him.

Also, if you're ahead, trying staying ahead instead of scoring a crazy amount of goals. A result of 10-0 is just as good as 1:0. ;)

Try going for respawning balls

When either team has scored a goal try returning to the center (if none of your teammates have done so). If you jump and hit the ball that's spawning-in at the perfect angle you will propel it straight to the enemies' goal. Even if this doesn't result in a goal, the ball will still be deep into their half with barely any effort.

Small additional tip specifically for applying this technique:

If you're close to either goal, you can simply jump into the net to immediately respawn in the center of the field. Very helpful. For that reason you should usually jump after the ball after having scored a goal or even when you have been scored on by the enemies.

Team: Hoarders

This is a very random and annoying team game in my eyes.

The players are split into three teams. There are 7 balls in the arena and every team tries not having the least balls in their area when the timer runs out.

I literally don't have a good strategy for this map. It's basically like a combination of Egg Scramble and Fall Ball with more chaos, less skill and no reliable techniques.

What I usually try to achieve here is defensive play. Due to the number of balls in the game you can literally not be eliminated if your team controls at least two balls (you can draw at worst).

There are small channels in your area that supposedly help keep the balls in there but they're not reliable.

The only thing that somewhat works is jumping into players that try to steal your balls (he, he) or grabbing them just to get a slight delay.
Hopefully someone else on your team will react before they leave the area through the gap on the left or the right and you'll manage to roll the balls back in.

Other than that I am open to any ideas. ;)

Generally I observed that it's not good when a team amasses a huge number of balls too early since everybody will pile up on them and it's very hard to defend your area in such a chaotic setting. However, you literally have no control over how your team is playing (unless queued up with friends) and thus it's just an observation, not something you can avoid.

Team: Hoopsie Daisy

The outcome of this team event somehow somehow seems a little bit less random to me and I truly believe you can make a difference here when following some basic principles - the more players follow them, the better you'll be off.

The goal is to not be the team - among three - with the least points when the timer runs out. You get points by jumping through randomly spawning rings - some of which will be gold and thus worth 5 points.

Find an Area

First of all, identify an area of the map where the least amount of players from your team are - it makes no sense to go for one ring with 5 players after all and that way you at least have a chance of grabbing a ring your team wouldn't get otherwise.

Be Patient

The rings spawn completely randomly. Don't run around like a mad-man. Find a spot where you have a nice view of the map and only make a dash for a ring when you're 100% sure you'll be the first player to reach it. Always scan around with your camera - sometimes rings spawn in literally 2 feet behind you and yopu might miss them otherwise.

My favorite spots are actually between the ramps at the edge of the map. The gold rings (worth 5 points) quite often spawn in the center where the conveyor belts are or at the top of the ones on the sides.

Also, some players have trouble jumping through the rings on the ramps since your camera sometimes gets stuck inside the arena boundaries and thus most reliable way to get the rings is diving sideways (which you should be practicing). If they fail their jump you can usually pick up their left-overs. :)

Team: Jinxed

I don't know if this round has been taken out of the rotation but I haven't seen it since the last beta.

Anyways - the players are divided into two teams and some of the players on each team start being "jinxed" as symbolized by a pink haze around them.

The goal is to "jinx" all players from the other team by grabbing them and avoid being jinxed yourself.

This round is very chaotic and I don't have any reliable strategies. It's like Tail Tag or Team Tail Tag but with an ever increasing number of people chasing you.

What I would do - just to keep the round short - is just getting jinxed early and try to infect as many enemies as quickly as possible.

Of course if you're one of the last players standing you should switch into running mode with the usual tips of not jumping too much, walking off ledges and keeping spatial awareness by rotating the camera but the round is so chaotic, nothing works 100% reliably here.

Team: Tail Tag

The players will be divided into 4 (!) teams and some of the players on each team will start with a tail.

The goal of the round is to not be the team with the least tails when the timer runs out.

This round can get very chaotic and there aren't any 100% surefire strategies for winning. All you can do is to make sure that you yourself are holding a tail by the time the timer runs out - and still you will lose sometimes.

The basic rules of all Tail-Tag games (like the regular hunt) apply here as well. Don't jump, don't move when not being chased and maintain spatial awareness.

My favorite tactic when having a tail is staying in one of the corners with the spinning hammers.

First of all you'll get a view of the whole map when standing there and second of all you'll also "hide" your tail a bit by having it turned towards the wall.

Then, another benefit of this location is that there are only two directions the enemies can reliably approach from and you will always spot them before hand to react.

When you notice somebody "locking on to you", you have a lot of options of what to do.

For example: Juking around the hammer - this will result in either you or your pursuer being knocked to a random location. Unless you're unlucky and land next to someone else, problem solved.

Or: Walking off the ramps - in many cases your pursuer will try to jump or will misjudge the height and stumble or fall over when chasing you. Of course you won't since you have been practicing the golden rule of "not jumping" for hours by now, right?

Or: Make a jump in front of the hammer, cutting the corner. Many players struggle with this one so you might lose them - also, if you jump close to the hammer, your pursuer (or you) might get knocked off far away like in the first strat, problem solved.

Or: Again, some people don't realize you can safely walk off the ledge land on the conveyor belts below if you carefully walk off the top level in the direction the conveyor belt is going. Sometimes I just walk off the ledge, immediately turn to the right after landing and go up the ramp. Your pursuer will usually not have mastered the ancient art of walking off ledges and thus faceplant onto the conveyor belt resulting in a miss of the exit you have taken.

Helldustii - the streamer I mentioned in the introduction - swears by another tactic - staying right on the bridges above the ramps and completely relying on the corner-cutting jumps. I slightly disagree with this tactic since I feel you're far too visible with your tail and thus attract too much attention.

With my tactic there were rounds where I literally just stood there for 3/4 of the time without anyone noticing.

Team: Rock 'n' Roll

One of the more annoying and random rounds, I find.

The players are divided into three teams and the goal is to not be the last team to roll their ball into the goal.

The level is divided into two stages:

  • An obstacle course where every team is separated from each other
  • A ramp where everyone can interact with each other

First Stage

Just push the damn ball. ;)

Don't jump or dive - unlike in Hoarders or Fall Ball the ball is far too heavy for jumping to have an effect and you'll just knock over your teammates or yourself. There is an optimal route, of course, but since you have little control over your teammates just hope for the best.

When your ball is approaching the ledge to the final section you might consider jumping down early to start "fighting on the ramp" (see below) - just hope that there are enough players left to actually push the ball. ;)

Second Stage

Now, I long for the closed beta times when this part of the level was very calm. Everyone was just trying to reach the goal first and that was it. ;)

These days teams are trying to block each other's ball in the corner and prevent it from moving.

I have no reliable strategies for that - you have to maintain a good balance of trying to block the enemy and freeing your own ball and pushing it forward.

If two enemies pile up on you together, it's probably best to just help one of them finish the level - all the players from their team will immediately despawn making for a level playing field against the remaining team.

I usually go for is my own team's ball rather than blocking the enemy.

What I found works far better than trying to push against the enemies is grabbing them. Just constantly grab random enemies pushing against your ball from below. Since the ramp has a slight decline, simply taking players out of the equation will usually result in your team gaining a slight advantage.

Final: Fall Mountain
Final: Hex-A-Gone
Final: Royal Fumble
Final: Jump Showdown


Written by Lim-Dul.

Game:   Fall Guys