Fall Guys – How to Win Team Games

In this guide I’m gonna try to help you win team games, you surely need good team, but it’s not always team’s fault.

Tips for Team Players

Try to stop tilting at your team mates and focus on your gameplay

If you’re tilting in such a cute game, you probably should take a break, it’s making it even harder to win.

Never emote in the middle of the game

It’s gonna lead you and your team to defeat.

Tail Tag

After you get a tail, run after other guy with tail.

  • Reason1: if there’s a teammate near you, grab enemy and let your mate take it.
  • Reason2: when someone is trying to catch you, there’s a chance that he gonna run after the other guy.

Try to change your position, and run for most of the game.

Egg Scramble

  • There should be 2 or 3 people on your base, one outside of it and 2 people inside, catching enemies trying to steal your eggs.
  • Try to steal eggs from team with the worst score (not including yours lol).
  • You can stand on the outside of enemy base and grab other teams with eggs, then steal it easily.


  • Get infected first, then come after other guys.
  • The other way to win this is to grab enemies near infected team member and letting him infect.

Hoopsie Daisy

  • Try to stick to your position, you can go after other hoops if there’s no one else.
  • If there’s your team member coming after same hoop as you, grab enemy coming same way, if there’s no enemy, just rotate to the other hoop.


  • Some of your team need to stay on your teritory and defend balls.
  • Try to steal balls where is only a few people, don’t go inside of crowds.

Rock ‘N’ Roll

  • Push your ball (at least at the beginning).
  • Do not run after other’s ball, if you gonna be first down there, you will be first, just focus on your ball.
  • If enemies are already on your ball, try to grab ’em.
  • If you are on enemy team ball, just push it to the corner and stay there with that ball.

Fall Ball

  • As the defender – watch where are the balls, jump and lunge if you want to throw it the other way.
  • As attacker – try to grab enemy defenders, or if your team is already doing it – just try to score, remember that there should be half of you on both balls, not whole team on one.

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