Horizon Zero Dawn – Remove Forced Hardware Optimization Screen

If you have crashing issues, a black screen, or simply don’t want to deal with a 30-60 minute optimization of your hardware, this file is for you! This should fix all of these issues.

Guide to Fix Crashing Issues, a Black Screen Etc

Downloading the Files

  • Download it from here.

If you can’t go to the link then google NexusMods and you can find the files there. It’s a moding website just search “Remove Forced Hardware Optimization” in the search bar of NexusMods website and it’ll come up.

How to Install

  1. Download the rar file from the link above.
  2. Unpack the rar file.
  3. Copy the ” LocalCacheDX12 ” folder and paste it to the installed directory:
    C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonHorizon Zero Dawn
  4. If there already is a folder named LocalCacheDX12 and there’s file inside it then delete the folder and just paste this folder and you should be fine.

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