Phantasy Star Online 2 – Guide to Fast Leveling for Beginners (with General Tips)

Beginners Tips for Leveling


How to level to 50 in 5 hours and 50-70 in 6 more.

Why 50?

  • 2m meseta a week per char in weeklies that take no time, 2.5m with yerkes (resets in 7 days, not at weekly time).
  • 500k xp in dailies per day from arks missions that doesn’t scale down, able to use on subclass or any class.
  • 3 lambda grinders a day per char.
  • Tokyo silver key every day per char, gold key per week (best xp mission, but a very limited resource).
  • This so important that you should make 3 alts to 50 as soon as possible, even before maxing out your main (don’t worry you won’t have to actually play the alts just do 2 minute dailies).

Class Selection

  • Melee: Bouncer, Hunter, Fighter, Katana Braver, Techer/Hunter, currently Summoner/Fighter also builds melee.
  • Hunter is used as sub for most other classes and it wants a different build as your main class which you’ll have to pay money for if multiclassing.
  • Ranged: Gunner, Ranger, Bow Braver
  • Tech: Force, Techer/Fighter, eventually Summoner/Phantom
  • Dex: Bouncer, Braver, eventually Phantom

Pick which type of classes you’ll play and build your mag for that stat only, you can switch classes at any time and if you pay $3 per you can get extra mags and it doesn’t matter.

Important Things

  • Buy your weapon’s movement skill as soon as possible, if it doesn’t have one get “Kickdance Dash” for gunslash and swap to it to go fast (<40k)
  • Be careful with your skill points as they cost money to reset.
  • Grab collection files from Prin next to Cofy, don’t pick up the red weapons it gives, when completed you get a +30 then you discard sheet and pick up a new one.
  • The auxiliary arks missions gives you 60 photon spheres and PA fragments per char, sell these for a few mill.
  • Weapon progression: 7 star weapon with 1 stat requirement>9 star weapon (level ~20)>12 star Nox weapon(level ~40)>12* Astracyte weapon (if class has one) or +30 collection folder 13* or Ray weapon>Mars/Slave/Nemesis weapon.
  • Alternatively +35 Sigma Bastad for VHAQ (all-class dex launcher).
  • Unit progression: 3 Sub weapon barriers (one per char from practice quest quest, you get it almost instantly and can bank them to xfer) > hiei/luther set > brissa set > full ray or 2pc kaiser/1pc ray.
  • All xp boosts of different types stack, daily order/premium/drink(premium)/xp 75%/triboost 100%/ex xp boosts, for leveling you mostly just want 75% xp and 50 or 100% triboost always on. Alliance tree attack boost is generally the best one and should be used for any content where more damage will help.
  • At 30 you get mag devices of each type, if you have 3 chars this is enough to level each mag to 120 or sell for free meseta.
  • Only ever raise one stat on a mag, lower the dex with mono/duo/trimates depending on which attack you’re raising or furniture from the furnisher if minmaxing, if dex just feed crafted disks.
  • Level 11+ technique disks are currently very pricy, sell these or disassemble to sell fragments.
  • Buy Julius Nifta mag photon blast from excube shop, it vacuums the entire screen for about 5 seconds, up to 20 with chaining) and extremely potent for pse bursts in super hard advanced quests, or just clearing packs in VHAQs. Cetos Proi is also good as a PP battery but doesnt help much for grinding.
  • Urgent quests are great at any time over 20, do on hardest difficulty possible and use best boosters. But not lilipa mining base.
  • Light is generally best element for weapon, and element power is a direct % multiplier to base damage so you want to max it out if possible, by grinding it with the same weapon, or same weapon+same element for easy maxing.
  • Use excubes on 250% rare drop boost and fun tickets, use fun tickets on scratch to get Personal Shop permits if you aren’t premium.
  • For repeating missions fast, walk into the green teleportal that takes you back to town and select “repeat quest”.
  • You can shift+click on items in your inventory to select them fast and not have to select amounts.
  • Material inventory is the biggest QoL thing in the game, you can batch move everything that fits into it, everything you gather automatically goes into it, and it’s automatically accessed while crafting/vendoring so you don’t need to take stuff out of the storage ever. Many things that aren’t materials go in there too so it saves so much storage space.
  • Seafood Stew and Sashimi to a lesser extent make you mine rocks/jewels almost every time, always fish first until you activate Fever and then start mining, Extravagant Seafood Platter to target jewels.
  • Turn on auto loot in settings, don’t pick up things below 10 stars unless they have 4+ affixes and are a boss drop (in top left, the top right corner of the panel shows affixes), turn 10 stars into excubes/photon spheres through swap shop, use sigma (12*) for grinding.
  • Crafting isn’t worth it except for crafting your own PAs, request things that you need from crafters through the visiphone function.
  • Weapon Affixes are almost always worthless, Unit Affixes are money and you should generally pick up 4+ slot units to at least look at them.
  • Chat Shortcuts can be used to swap weapon pallets, sub pallets, even rings simultaneously. Example: /mpal1 /spal1 /sr PartyToughness(L) This will switch your Main Pallete (Weapon) to Slot 1, Sub Pallete to Slot 1, and then Skill ring to whatever the name is set and slot.



Use your 100k xp tickets.

After tutorial

Arks missions (esc>shift), do everything related to Afin and then Jan and any others that give you a decent chunk of xp, unlock mag at Cofy, auxiliary stuff, do the practice quest intro that gives you a sub weapon barrier (best unit until endgame, get 1 per char and +10 them all you can use 3 at a time if you xfer them), if still not 20 either do a forest exploration with related client orders, or a few of the easy casino missions at Allin, once 20 grab your subclass advancing quest and do it (forest hard, volcanic caverns hard have the mobs)

For subclasses, for almost every class hunter>summoner>fighter on a scale from tank>dps, but hunter lets you get away with anything and is only 20% worse than fighter in dps. Pick hunter if you’re new. Summoner is an amazing balance between the two and gives you techs but is hard to manage hotkeys and point assist.

You should have some meseta from completing grind thing weekly, buy 7 star weapon with 1 stat requirement and 9 star weapon at this time.
Enter Franka’s Cafe and do the gathering quests, note what the old dude wants as his quests give 100k each and reset weekly.

Just buy as many of your PAs and the crafted versions of them as you can for your main weapon from visiphone, they’re quite cheap. May have to wait until 30-40 until you have stat reqs for most of them though.


After accepting any quest, esc>client orders>Orders That Can Be Accepted in the Fields of Ongoing Quests will let you pick up almost all quests for that zone.

Grab the 3 boost-giving daily orders from daily npc, first recommended quest will always be the one to fulfill all of them. After that do expeditions to unlock every zone following your arks missions, always on the highest difficulty possible and using the client order menu trick to accept all client orders related. Kill everything as you make your way to the boss to make sure you finish all of them. Cressida orders (shopping center next to elevator) are especially important and the rock quest items can be bought from the marketplace if needed.

40+ (keys)

Do all 3 recommended quests daily, they have a chance to give keys which give you way more experience than anything else, save these up and use them with your best boosters or on pso2 day. Recommended quests are per account so you only have to do them on one character. For alts, turn in one daily quest for a gatherable, you can set it to 1, and then go in ship, have a drink, consume a random cheap food or xp booster, and run “Subdue Za’udan” arks mission on SH, takes 30 seconds and you’re done with that char for the day and get a free tokyo silver.


Have your nox weapon or sigma launcher or both at this point.

Advance quests/urgent quests along with daily orders/daily arks missions are your life from now on, past 50 client orders won’t give decent xp whatsoever. Try to party up with a full group of other players who are doing max risk floating facility AQ on VH, you can rotate or host but it’s easier to just join a group that has it maxed already. Do not solo these as PSE bursts are the main source of XP and they spawn monsters depending on actual player count, npcs don’t work. Once you max out your risk it lasts all week. Use good boosts. You can PB chain mags (hold down mag skill button and other people can press theirs to chain the PBs, the icon to the left of their name in party will be glowing if they have it up), but it isn’t necessary in VH. For VHAQs, switching to a Sigma Bastad (launcher) for PSE bursts is recommended, any class can use it and you can just float in the air spamming just attacks or even just holding down lmb to kill everything instantly as their hps are pretty low. Do try to +30 it (buy more Sigma Bastads and merge them) and get a launcher non-weak ring (L) if you’re a ranger or ranger sub. Do urgent quests whenever they come up. But not lilipa mining base.

Pop Julius Nifta at the start of every pack you can to instantly group them as you’re going through the VHAQ, when you trigger a PSE burst immediately head to the nearest corner (don’t leave stragglers on the way) then double jump up in the corner and hold lmb with your launcher, you can now tab out and your character will keep aimbotting everything on the screen until the burst is over.


5 hours with VHAQ floating spam

Time to do all of your skill point quests for main/subclass from job npcs.

+50 VH Floating facility AQs are still the main thing until 70. You can do Super Hard Advance Quests when you have better gear (+30 nox and +10 brissa set minimum), but unless you have a coordinated group VH is better. Trade up VHAQ capsules 10:1 at the astracyte vendor.


Endgame? XH Emergency Quests are mostly for a ton of 10-12* to trade for excubes/spheres, 13* are super rare.

Ultimate quests drop nemesis/slave and 14* eggs, don’t expect to get drops more often than every 6+ hours even with triboost+250% rdr. Try to find a good full lobby, don’t bring npcs, party up for extra boost if possible. You’ll have a really bad time trying to solo these.

Some Ways to Make Meseta Besides Weeklies

  • Extreme quests with meseta boost+triboost (don’t use rare drop, it makes less meseta drop) seabed floor 36-40 can make up to 300k a run.
  • Making rings to sell.
  • Casino for lambda grinders, sell the rings that require them, or upgraded rings.
  • Harukotan VH time attack spamming to potentially spawn abduction areas which drop modulator affixes – kinda complicated, look it up on youtube.
  • Ultimate quests are soul crushing.

Continuing VHAQ grinding (1.5-2m an hour from meseta+photon boosters alone). Yes it’s good money along with best XP method, make sure to pick up any 3+ slot items dropped from the arks replica event as those can drop modulator which is a very expensive affixes, if items are unidentified, use the advanced tek option at the tekker to guarantee a 5-7 slot item.

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