Unfortunate Spacemen – Perk Tier List and Gameplay Tips

Hopefully a guide to help you lock in what perks you want to use in-game for Spacemen and Monster. This will also include some general tips for both sides and some main playstyles I see people use.

List of Perk Tiers and Tips for Gameplay

Monster Perks


I would rate this an A. This is a fantastic perk that you either love or don’t use. Personally I never use it. However from a general standpoint, you are basically undetectable with any type of gear in human or monster form and you regen faster. Use this perk if you want to be move around the map undetectable. Very Good choice for any level.


A solid B. With the recent buff to patience it is now viable to use. Again, I don’t really use this perk. More disguise energy isn’t all that useful. However, being able to go into vents while in human form is huge! You can escape easily and can traverse the map without being detected. Use this perk if you want to be sneaky and single out loners. Good choice for low levels.

Titanium Claws

A tier as many people don’t use it but it is very good. Normally breaking down a locked door takes 6-8 hits. With this perk it takes 3-4. Even on welded doors. You should use this perk if you want to be aggressive at the start of the round. Good choice for any level

Posterior Claws

A definitive S tier. This is a must have in every build. Almost every “good” monster uses this. The increased jump height, movement speed, and dodging while airborne is perfect. You can use this to dodge toward spacemen running away OR to run away from powerful spacemen. Very Good choice for any level.


C tier. Nothing too good or bad. Corpse eating having a 25 second cooldown is great but there are better perks to use than this. However, if you like being able to go after people one after the other this might be for you. Just because it is a C tier doesn’t mean you might like like it! Not worth running imo for any levels but you can try it out.

Nictitating Membrane

Another C tier. Again, viable but there are better options. Stun grenades are rare and if you get hti by one the best option is to burrow and stay silent. Explosives doing less damage isn’t too useful when you have Blast Shield but we’ll get to that. The only good thing about this perk is seeing health of spacemen. This allowed you to specifically choose certain targets. However, with higher level players it is hard to do this. Not worth running imo for any levels but you can try it out.


I would put this in A tier, but generally it is a B tier. It is viable and should be put in as the finishing touch on your build. Moving faster and increased damage during a power outage is good for early game leveling up and kills. However, it falls off hard toward the end of the game. Very good for aggressive builds.


Underused and underestimated for the right reasons. A tier and I will explain why. The decoy itself isn’t useful. High level players won’t be fooled. However, not being locked in health stations is great. You can use this in your build and go for power weapons. If you get into a scuffle and are on low health you can use a health station with no paranoia, it is very easy as a spacemen to kill the monster when it is stuck on a health station. Very good for high level players as no low levels typically use this for the health station benefit, but now you know.

Acid Monster

C to D-ish tier. In short it needs a rework and you are sacrificing a slot for it. The throw only does 10 damage and is easy to dodge. However the bomb is pretty much an instant kill. So if you are willing to practice utilizing it in certain situations like a weapons canister opening go for it. Unlocked at a higher level so by the time you get this you should be comfortable enough with the game to experiment around with it.

Toxic Ink

I’m leaning towards D tier for this one. Too many people run Antibodies and the damage isn’t good enough for you to run this. The ink actually makes it easier for people to find you. You can try it but it kind of sucks.

Void Beast

B tier imo, I don’t use this but some people like. Knock-off Posterior Claws. Your burrow is replaced with a short blink and you have a void bomb that electroshocks people. It is decent, but again like Acid Monster, it is situational. It is definitely better than Acid Monster, but still needs a buff. The electroshock is good for camping power weapons and then agressing on someone who gets caught in the electroshock as they can’t shoot you. The blink is weird for me because it makes me disoriented, but some people like it. Unlocked at a higher level so by the time you get this you should be comfortable enough with the game to experiment around with it.

Spacemen Perks


Great all around perk. A tier. Too good to pass up. Now I would personally put this in S tier, but you don’t have to use this if you are an objective based player. +10 Max HP is great if you come up against a person with a railgun and being able to regen health allows you to constantly be on the run, towards or away from the monster without having to stop by a health station. Good choice for any level


B tier. The Nocturnal of Spacemen Perks. It’s a good finisher. Being a immune to the colorblind virus makes it easier to see, and poisoning the monster is good if they are in a hurry. Sometimes even I eat a poisoned body. Being immune is toxic clouds is iffy as barely anyone uses it, but a fair amount use Acid Monster so the decreased damage could come in handy. Good choice for lower levels, but can be used by higher leveled players.

Intake Valves

So this is an interesting perk. C tier, BUT if you are an objective based person this is an A tier. This perk works beautifully in a Janitor based build as you can mess around with the extinguisher without being strangled and the 3x oxygen recovery makes clearing landing pads even easier. Reduced face-hugger damage I consider a bonus because most times you never know when it is coming. Very good choice for objective based players.

Springy Step

Certified S tier. Okay so not many low level players know this, but do you ever wonder how people take the power weapons every single time. It’s because of this perk. The increased movement speed is cool and all, but interacting with objects instantly is the real meat of this perk. Clearing landing pads are a breeze and you have a higher chance of getting power weapons. Very Very Good choice for all levels. Please use this perk whenever you can (as spacemen).

Spare Keycard

D tier. Please don’t even bother. You might find use in this with Action Hero (or as Monster), so I didn’t put this as F tier. If your keycard gets stolen you have two options. If you realize who stole it chase after them and kill them or steal a different spacemen’s keycard. Sacrificing a slot just to have an extra keycard isn’t worth it. By the time you have Action Hero you will realize how bad this is and probably use a different more powerful perk (hint, you drink it). Don’t use this. It is the worst perk on the list.


When I was a lower level I loved this perk. C to Bish tier. You might find later on the perk falls off compared to others, but it is still viable. Repairing doors is pretty good in certain situations, but repairing cameras don’t work. Some are too high or are just in unreachable spots. Welding doors, however, is very powerful. It is an infinite locked door. As long as the monster or anyone else have a power weapon or Titanium Claws, it will take some time to break open the door. Enough time for you to escape. Good choice for lower levels.

Magnetic Boots

Now I know some people love this perk, but B tier. Being able to survive airlocks and EMEs is pretty nice with the extra bonus of having your footprints being invisible. However, there is a couple reasons why this isn’t A tier or C tier. The perk is viable, but there are better options. However, for people who find themselves getting pushed into airlocks or EMEs, getting teamkilled by random people, or if you run milk on Tidal Lock (why though?) this feels like an A tier to you. However it has its downsides which I will be covering in the tips section. Good choice for people who feel like they are targeted.

Blast Shield

A nice B to Aish tier. Not a lot of people use this, which is fine. I don’t use it in my main build. However someone having this is the difference between the monster winning during a nuked shuttle or the spacemen. Taking less damage from explosives and fire is nice, but having your life saved from a frag, rocket, or nuke is awesome. Most times though the match doesn’t stretch out too long. The 3 or 4 times I nuked the shuttle as monster no one had Blast Shield so keep that in mind. Good choice for Hero builds.


The king of landing pads. It is extremely good for objective based players. So S tier for them and B tier for everyone else. If you like making the monsters life horrible by doing all the objectives quickly then this is the perk for you. Stun Baton is useful in a couple situations (see Tips and Tricks), but fire extinguisher is bad. You can try an pressure the monster to transform, but the disguise it lowers is nothing and the rate at which it does is slow. Picking up debris by walking over it is the main part of this perk as well as being able to unlock doors. If you choose this perk you have to be ready to clear to debris for everyone else because that’s why you chose this perk… or is it? Again, fantastic choice for people who like doing the objectives

Space Milk

Milk. Oh boy S tier. I personally don’t use this anymore, but it is overpowered. I just want to remind you just because it is S tier doesn’t mean you have to use this. A second chance at life is great, but only if you get to low health from anything except explosive damage ( and airlocks). While it is extremely overpowered it has it’s downsides. Having less max HP makes it very easier for anything to kill you. When teleporting you can spawn in an airlock or in a spawn point, so keep that in mind. You might die right where a spawn point is and the monster will easily be able to kill you. High risk, High reward. By the time you get this you will have unlocked majority of the perks, so you can test it out and see if you like it.

Action Hero

B tier. I know know. A lot of people dislike this perk. For good reasons. The assault rifle sucks and the handicap of not picking up gear is annoying. With the recent, albeit, small buff to the AR and having less spread on the AR still makes this perk suck. However, people make it work. By having a specific “run and gun” build. With Action Hero, Milk, and/or Blast Shield or Springy Step. You can team up with a person who has a map scanner or vision scanner to hunt down the monster early and take them out or wait for a power weapon and do the same thing. You either love it or hate it so try it out and see how you feel.

Common Playstyles and Builds

Jumping right into it, the 2 main playstyles I see are Aggressive and Human (I don’t know what to call it) or something off of these two.

Spacemen Build as Monster

Before we go into this the main build as human (when monster) for all of these builds is always Nanobots, and then anything from Antibodies (to eat spacemen who run antibodies) to Blast Shield (to optimize nuke) and Springy Step for power weapons. Even welder. The fun part about this game is the perks, so mix-and-match and find out which one suits you the best! (Just run always run Nanobots and Posterior)

Spacemen Build as Spacemen

Typically every “meta” build revolves around Nanobots and Springy Step but there are some other builds out there. Some of these include and Action Hero build consisting of Action Hero, Springy Step or Blast Shield, and Space Milk. Of course it could be anything you’d like. Another favorite of mine is a Janitor build consisting of Janitor, Springy Step, and Intake Valves. Other people like to run Milk and Welder with Janitor as Milk protects you because you have no weapons.


Aggressive playstyle mainly revolves around the monster mauling as many people as possible before a power weapon drops, and then going for the power weapon. A typical build would be Posterior for getting in and out, Titanium, to get anybody who lock/welds doors, and a perk you like. It could be Nocturnal for extra damage early, Decoy for safe heals during shoot outs, or anything really. Again, the build could be anything as long as it centers and benefits on an aggressive playstyle.


Human playstyle focuses on a more passive yet deadly approach. Taking out any loners with your gun as to not bring up any alarms and waiting for the first power weapon. You would then focus on eliminating everyone and taking the power weapons. Preferably railgun and shotgun since you won’t be using your monster form much the flamethrower won’t be a problem. A typical build would be Posterior for getting in and out, Chitin, to be undetectable, and Decoy to heal safely after fights. Again, the build could be anything as long as it centers and benefits a more passive playstyle.

Other Playstyles (people from the Official New Blood Discord)

These are their own builds and I am quoting them directly.


Creature build of mine known as “Shredder”:

  • Chitin (5% Damage reduction and thermal image stealth).
  • Titanium claws (Doors? Shredded in 4 hits approximately. Also the extra damage may come in handy).
  • Posterior claws (I’ll say air dodging and whatnot is too potent, and personally argue that posterior claws is the Creature perk that is too potent to pass up).
  • Springy step (Lil’ extra mobility that I believe stacks with Posterior claws mainly).
  • Antibodies (Take that, antibody poisoning! Also convenient to not get insta-creatured by syringes, but situational that).
  • Welder (Feels more like a creature’s the only thing that should take this perk).


Build is Posterior, Chitin, and Decoy along with Blast Shield, Nanobots, and Springy Step.

Playstyle: “Basically how i play monster is: My first goal is to get a keycard to lock doors and trap people or to cut people off from the group so i can thin out the group. my second goal is to pick up any thing on the ground this usually means i go into spots i know there’s goodies like oxygen tanks, nades, smgs, anything that can give me an advantage. my third goal is to kill off stragglers, this means i kill people who are wandering off by themselves or just trapping people trying to get oxygen. my third goal is to get shotgun (this should be my second goal but i always find myself waiting for guns and that’s something I don’t wanna do as monster). my fourth is to turn off power to spilt up groups and cut down on the people alive so i have a better chance at ‘endgame”. my fifth goal is to get power guns. i have this last because i don’t think its really necessary to grab power guns until you get flame thrower or RPG. The RPG to me is a must because usually towards the end of games its always people sticking together so an RPG can end that very quickly.”


Build: “It’s Decorpsinator/Posterior/Membrane with Nanobots/Antibodies/Blast Shield.

And for Spacemen I generally use Nanobots/Space Milk/Blast Shield”.


  • Standor: This is my safe pick for most maps. I like to play more on the Spaceman side, using Monster form for when guns are Overheating, when Spaceman Health is low or to quickly move around the map.
  • Chitin
  • Posterior Claws
  • Patience
  • Nanobots
  • Springy Steps
  • Blast Shield


  • Called Deciever.
  • “Chitin / Posterior / Decoy.
  • Nanobots / Springy Step / Blast Shield.
  • Has survivability perks, but perfectly supports that playstyle. Not like you can (usually) win entirely through deceiving anyway.
  • Just called it this way because there’s nothing but syringes to really reveal me.
  • Being able to use health stations safely is too good.
  • Most of it is just switching disguises a lot.”


  • “Void – Posterior Claws – Nocturnal or Nictitating Membrane.
  • Playstyle is power outbreak attack.
  • And then single targetting as much as I can”.

That’s about it. Most of these people are level 30 skilled monsters and you can see a lot of similarities. Nanobots and Posterior Claws are in every loadout because they are that good. Hopefully you can take inspiration from this and make the best build you can!

Tips and Tricks: from Niche to Known

As the last section in this guide I just quickly want to run down some tips and tricks in no specific order. I will add more I just forgot most of them.

Spacemen Tips

  • Hold on to a turret until the monster attacks you, then put it down.
  • Stay still when someone is shooting a parasite off you.
  • As of now punching the monster while it is burrowed does damage.
  • Separate on the shuttle so the scanner can pick out one person who is the monster.

V to shove

  • Shoving a person downhill makes them go far.
  • Shoving a person uphill makes them go not very far.
  • Shoving a person when they are jumping makes them go flying.

Stun and Frag grenades (and explosions) will disarm an airlock.

You can use a stun baton at a power weapon unlock to stop people from grabbing the weapons.

The Flamethrower can be used to clear the debris by using its flames.

Monster Tips

  • Always go for the power weapon as monster.
  • Always disguise as alive spacemen, it creates suspicion.
  • Make sure to always keep your monster health and spacemen health in mind, don’t get tunnel vision.
  • N to use remote arm as monster on comms, power, and transmitter shutdown so you can remotely shut them off.
  • If a spacemen with mag boots jumps into an airlock to escape you, turn back into human form and shoot them.
  • You can arm an airlock in monster form by swiping at it with your claws.
  • When transforming the damage you take goes to human health so keep that in mind if your blast shield has been activate.
  • If you lose or die because of some stupid mistake don’t worry. Just keep in mind how you died and use that information to better yourself on the next monster round. Even I, with almost 200 hours die as monster. It just happens, but don’t beat yourself up over it.
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