Risk of Rain 2 – On Kill Build OP

Guide to On Kill Build OP


Main Items Are As Follow

Equipment – The Forgive Me Please

  • This is the most important item of the build. get this and ♥♥♥ing spam it.

Rest of Items Needed in Order of Priority

  1. Will O’ Wisp – Main damage.
  2. Topaz Broach – Main sustain.
  3. Fuel Cell – For more Q spam ow it ♥♥♥ing hurts but I’m so strong.
  4. Fresh Meat – Healing.
  5. Gasoline – Damage.
  6. Ghor’s Tome – Get this if you wanna feel like a classy stripper.


  1. Soulbound Catalyst – Very important must get for build to reach true game crashing potential.
  2. Nothing else needed.
Written by Sundown Thick

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