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Survivalist: Invisible Strain - Armour Guide

Written by Red riding hood the third   /   Aug 12, 2020    

This guide is about Helmets and Chestarmour. How much damage they can absorb etc.

Guide to Armour


Helmets / Damage Absorption

  • Light Combat Helmet - 8
  • Combat Helmet - 10
  • Camo Combat Helmet - 12
  • Heavy Combat Helmet - 12
  • Riot Combat Helmet - 12


Chestarmour / Damage Absorbtion

  • Bullet Resistant Vest - 2

Damage Absorption


  • Proived no armour against zombie bites.
  • Provides no armour against blunt damage (melee).
  • Provides complete protection against sharp damage (melee).
  • Provides complete protection against bullets (ranged).
  • Provides partial complete protection against arrows (ranged).
  • It will block the true damage of the arrows but the wearer will still receive wounds and receive 0.02 damage for each arrow instead.
  • Damage exceeding the armour limit will cause damage to the wearer and destroy the armour.
  • Armour has a limit to their durability which is connected to damage absorption.
  • Each point of armour can be considered one life point.
  • If damage exceeding normal circumstances hits the armour, instead of breaking it in one hit it will instead only take down one life point. After taking hits equal to its armour level the armour will then proceed to break on the next hit.
  • Armour can absorb more hits then its given life points if the damage received is considered low.