Zero Hour – Comprehensive Tactical Guide

This is a guide for newcomers who could use a helping hand to have a strong foothold to start out with. Or for those who just wanna have more knowledge and different tactics that can increase the chances of you winning. Below are several categories that I will depict. These include the most beneficial choices, options, and any other subject that can give you an edge in Zero Hour.

Guide to Tactics for Newbies

All credit goes to HAWK!

Spawn Planning Phase


  1. The most overlooked element of the game so far is also just as important as the execution of the round itself. In the planning phase for Blufor you have the ability to draw on a virtual 3D map to plan your specific approach and hatch a plan with your fellow teammates. It is also worth mentioning the Blue icon with a lightning bolt in it represents the Power Box and can be turned or off by both teams, offering a tactical advantage to wherever adapts to it the best.
  2. Along with drawing a very important feature available there is the option to change your spawn in that menu. By moving the map around you can find several entry points (spawns) that have a circle and short description to go with it. Selecting this circle changes your previous spawn selection to that one.
  3. In Hostage and Bomb game modes, they both offer intelligence on the whereabouts of the objectives. For Bomb there is a constant vibration in a specific room on the map indicating that’s where the bomb is located and will stay for the rest of the round. For Hostage, you may only see the vibration of the Hostage if the Opfor decides to move him to a different location. If they don’t, then you will be going in blind.


  1. Instead of a virtual map, you are instantly placed in the map and have some time to make some preparations including: placing traps on doors to injure the enemy, turn off the power located at a Power Box, get in place before the enemy team breaches.
  2. Do not leave the Hostage unattended else he will make a break for it and try to escape on his own. In case he makes a break for it you can tell him to stop once close enough.

Breaching – Blufor

Rappelling has its pros and cons with it.


  • Ability to peak windows, gain entry to balconies, and search for intelligence (the enemies position and the hostage/bomb).


  • Rappelling does create a distinct noise with it allowing the enemy to know your location, and exposing you to the chance of them flanking you from outside and shooting you.

On Foot Approach


  • The power box is more accessible on foot, allows for a more quiet breach, can access the staircase(s) gaining access to other floors without having to expose yourself while rappelling.


  • Leaves you vulnerable for CQB (close quarters combat) where the Blufor weapons are designed for more medium and far distances, with exception of the shotgun, the MAC-10s which the

Opfor have are far more superior in close quarter situations where the short barrel and increase rate of fire is far lethal.

Tactical Positioning

  1. Choke points are the best way to provide control of a room, hallway, or stairs gaining the upper edge. For rooms, corners away from the main view of the door, an attached room such as a closet, or behind sturdy cover provide the very best choke points. Hallways, stick to the sides of the hallways where it’s easier to find cover or transition to a room for a quick escape. For Staircases, if you are above the enemy having a position to peak and remain relatively concealed is the best option, that way you can ambush an entry team as they transition. If you are below working your way up the staircase, there should be several key factors to have your gun pointed at. These include doors (especially those cracked where an enemy may be benefiting from peaking through the crack to fire at you), the above staircase where an enemy may be looking down to try to engage you, and any windows that may provide moments of exposure to the enemy. In these instances, working smoothly and slowly is far more beneficial than quickly climbing the steps.
  2. Doorways are one of the worst places to be stuck at and with the game in its current state of having to crack it open first before you can open it leaves you vulnerable. Stay clear of the doorway to the best you can until you are ready to breach and clear the room.
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