Risk of Rain 2 – How to Beat the Game as Captain on Monsoon (Artifacts Needed)

Captain on Monsoon Guide

All credit goes to SonOfCosmicZap!


  • You need the Captain (Obviously).
  • You need the Command, Sacrifice, and Swarm artifacts.
  • You will need to have the majority of the items unlocked.

Step 1: Abilities

  • To start off, you will need the right abilities to get this done.
  • If you think you are likely to get an equipment item, bring the Resupply beacon.
  • If you think you may end up in Abyssal Depths, bring the Hacking beacon for the golden box.
  • No matter which secondary beacon you bring however, always bring the Healing one! It is a major help on the path to the final boss!

Step 2: Items

When you first spawn in, kill stuff just as you would in any other playthrough. Once an enemy drops an item of white rarity, pick some form of movement speed buff. If you see a green item, pick on-kill AOE. Your next white item should serve the same purpose. For yellow (boss) items you should get the following in this order: Mired Urn, Little Disciple, and Shatterspleen. If offered yet another yellow item get Titanic Knurl.

If offered a red item do not I repeat DO NOT get the Brilliant Behemoth! Acquiring one will seal your doom by the final boss! Instead, pick up the following in no specific order: Shattering Justice, Dio’s Best Friend, and 57 Leaf Clover.

To escape much harm both leading up to and during the final boss fight, get at least 2 or 3 Hopoo Feathers. To increase your odds of evasion, get a Wax Quail(s) and/or a H3AD-5T v2. And as little help as they are in swarms of enemies, get a Chronobauble.

To proc a lot of damage, get the following: 3+ Atg Missile Mk. 1, 2+ Runald’ Band, and 2 Kjaro’s Band.

There is no specific equipment item required, but I personally recommend the Disposable Missile Launcher or The Back-up.

For healing, get a minimum of 2 Harvester’s Scythes and 3 Cautious Slugs. Then build up crits.

For movement, get a maximum of 4 Paul’s Goat Hooves and many more Energy Drinks.

Step 3: Drones

See a drone? Buy it! It’s as simple as that. This however excludes Equipment drones. If you see one, search around for an equipment drop and give it The Back-up. Either that or sacrifice your current equipment if you have one and are willing to do so. Also, no matter how useless you think they are, get Incinerator drones! In the experience I’ve had, those drones actually survive the longest in the final boss fight.

Step 4: Loops

If you are not yet confident in your ability to fight the final boss, loop and get more items and (possibly) drones. When you think you can do it, shoot for the moon!

Step 5: The Final Fight

So you made it! You are on the moon and ready to kill the two and only ! Once you are past the Chimera, be ready to move fast!

Stage 1

When they charge, be ready to jump and keep jumping! When you think one of them is about to swing, ascend, and stay there until they do their big smash attack. Then, get back on the ground, run backwards away from them and shoot!

Focus on the closest one, and do not bother charging your own shots. Just fire as fast as you can!

Stage 2

Take out the flying Chimera first.They are the greatest threat! If they drop items, grab something useful very fast!

Stage 3

Be ready to die to some bulls***. When they do the smash attack, keep your distance in the air as to not get hit by the pillar. If they do it some distance away from you but still in your general direction, jump anyway to evade the waves.

When they do the star attack, use Orbital Probe on them and pray their attack doesn’t hit you. Seriously though. Avoiding it is a matter of luck.

Stage 4

If you are lucky enough to get this far, congrats. They now take all of your stuff including your microbots. You now must keep your distance, and find out which one has your Mired Urn. Once you know, shoot them. While you are damaging that one, it is also hurting the other.

Do not go on the ramps in the arena! The AOE items you got will be your doom if you set foot on those ramps!


Run! Make no attempt to fight the Reavers and Chimera spawning everywhere! Just rush to the shuttle!

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