Marvel’s Avengers – Match Maker Tips

Match Maker taking too long? Might be you.

Tips to Match Maker

Match Making Made Quick

Once you have chosen a mission to go on you will be presented with a screen like the one above. You can wait for all members to be filled but it’s not necessary. When all spots are filled that are going to be filled click Launch Mission . A check mark will appear in the up right hand side of the name plate of those who have clicked. As you can see in the picture two of us have and two haven’t causing the count down to be over 50. If all have clicked you will a 10 sec count down.

So now for some matchmaking etiquette if your are going to match make do not choose this time get up for the toilet, cup of coffee,etc… Be ready to go. Turn off open mic. Nobody wants to hear you breathing threw your mouth, sneezing loudly, clanking things near your mic or the game audio on your end. So to rap this up click Launch Mission – don’t be a mouth breather.

Written by Anhur Ra

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