Fall Guys – Tactics Guide (How to Beat the Finals)

The tactics to become a master of beating the finals.

Guide to Tackling the Finals


So you’ve made it through!

Congratulations! you’ve made it through the hard part, the randoms deaths in the first race which you couldn’t prevent, the dreaded team games where you were dragged down by your teammates and survived the elimination rounds with many people grabbing you constantly trying to send you to an early finish!

Take a deep breath and really focus up now, it’s your moment to shine.

One of my first wins above.


Final Number 1: Hexagone

There are three main tactics when playing this particular final. Running, Hopping and dropping to the bottom.

Tactic 1: Running

The goal of sprinting around the hexagon at top speed is to cut off your opponents and disrupt what they are trying to accomplish. You should try to run ahead of them if they are running so the tiles fall out from beneath them, or if they are hopping you can enclose them in a tiny box by removing all the tiles around them. This forces the hopper to then either start running and make a desperate jump for the gap or to accept his fate and fall down a floor. Running can be a good tactic, but should not be used the entirety of the game, you will have to rely on hopping eventually at the bottom floors.

Tactic 2: Hopping

The slowest of the tactics and one the requires the most accuracy and skill with jumping. In this tactic you sit on one tile and then as it’s about to disappear you hop to the next one. This tactic is useful as it means you can stay on one floor for much longer than if you were running. The downside is that you can easily be attacked by the runners who can quickly shut down how big your area is. If you are alone on a floor or getting very close to the bottom floor then I highly recommend hopping from tile to tile to preserve all the tiles in your area, therefore, how much time you will be alive. Being good at timing is the key to victory with hopping.

Tactic 3: Dropping to the Bottom

This tactic is a very big gamble and you must hope that people are not doing the same thing as you. In this tactic you let yourself either fall through to the bottom floor or walk off the edge and then drop back into the hexagon right to the bottom. When you reach the bottom floor you should start quickly running around in the centre, trying to create the biggest hole you possibly can before the others reach your floor. If done correctly you should see a lot of players drop and fall straight down the middle. The downside is that if more than one or two people do this tactic then you will end up fighting on the bottom and most probably lose. Having used this tactic once or twice I can say when it works, it works brilliantly, but if someone follows you, you will almost always lose.

If anyone has any further tactics for hexagone, feel free to leave it in the comments and I’ll consider adding it to the guide.

Fall Mountain

Final Number 2: Fall Mountain

Possibly the most luck based one at times, but you are still in for a good shot if you follow a set of rules.

  • At the very start when you drop down the mini ramp before you start your ascent, if you do not walk off the rounded end and try to walk diagonally off it, there is a big chance your character will slip and fall immediately. I thought this just randomly happened, but after it happening on more than a couple of occasions, I have decided to add this to the list of rules. It’s a little thing, but it can set you back instantly.
  • After you drop down the mini ramp and run up, you want to try to stand near the centre to push the rotating walls on their edge, but watch out as the balls will start rolling and you may need to alter your path quite quickly. it is always better to run in a different direction and avoid balls than to just let them hit you to run straight.
  • So you have passed the rotating walls and are now at the part where the balls are ricocheting off the pointed blocks, you can either stay in the centre here or go to the side. I cannot say which is better as it is dependant on where the balls are heading.
  • Next up, the rotating hammers. The easiest move for these is for the first couple to stay right on the edge as they cannot touch you there. For the final hammer however, you can either stay on the edge and try to time the jump perfectly, or go around to the other side so that even if the hammer hits you, if should send you forwards not backwards.
  • Finally, you are at the top! The most important thing to do here is not get overexcited and rush the big jump for the crown. The crown moves up and down and can be out of reach at times, so time your jump and grab for the crown, DO NOT dive as you won’t be able to grab if you do.

Fall mountain can be treacherous and sometimes people get launched by the rotating walls or hammers forwards and sometimes they get launched backwards, I would not advise trying to replicate this is it usually does not work out. People that win that way have done so by luck, not skill generally.

Royal Fumble

Final Number 3: Royal Fumble

There are two obvious aspects of this final. Attacking and defending. You need to know how to get the tail from the runner and then how to keep it once you do.


In my personal opinion you should never just follow the person with the tail around, there are going to already be one or two people doing that. You should instead try to predict where he will be and cut him off and get ahead of him. Try to leave the person with the tail with no route to move into by blocking the ways he can travel.

Once you have the runner backed into the corner they will probably attempt to dive or jump to evade you so be expecting that. Once you finally get him and grab the tail it is time to start your defence.


So you either got lucky and started with the tail or worked hard and grabbed it off of someone. Either way, you need to move quickly. I would advise timing your routes so you can run through and dodge obstacles that the people chasing you will get hit by. If you are near the giant rotating hammer you can dip in and out to get people hit and sent away from you. Staying near here is also effective because if you are about to get grabbed you can deliberately be hit by the hammer to save yourself.

The key of defending is to think like your attackers, try to move into open areas away from them and predict where they might move to block you and plan ahead. Of course there will be times where you will be blocked completely, but if you stick to dodging in and out of obstacles you will have a good chance.

Jump Showdown

Final Number 4: Jump Showdown

In this final, it is just like the regular rotating bars, except in this case, the tiles you are stood on, drop one by one. The key to this final is all about timing and a bit of luck too.

For the best chance of winning, stay with the main grouping of tiles and try not to isolate yourself on one tile alone from all the rest, because if it falls you have no hope. Being on a tile with a single gap is acceptable as you can jump dive across if you time it correctly to the next tile.

Once all the tiles have fallen except for two there will be a large segment where nothing will fall and you just have to time your jumps over the bottom bar while avoiding the top bar. This can be difficult as they sometimes come at the same time. If this does happen there is only really luck that can save you. If you stand on the far end of the tile and jump dive towards the bars you can be knocked in between the two bars and land back on the tile, but it does not happen every time.

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