Enemy On Board – The Ultimate Spider Guide (Combat, Tips, and More)

A guide for people looking to play Spider not super aggressively but not super passively either.

Guide to Spider

All credit goes to (M.G.) MonkusWarrior!


When you’re playing Spider, there are a few main characters you want to use. You can use any character but these are the best and why.

  • Monkus – Versaility, he can roll around and run away making him hard to catch.
  • Triss – Versatility, due to the perk Ninja, Triss is one of the best classes for spider.
  • Silas – Invisibility, Silas stays invisible when he lays an egg (and is already invisible).
  • Scientist – Alibi, you can use “Laying Traps” as an excuse to be planting eggs.

Perks to Use & What Starting Item to Use

  • Espresso – You can plants eggs faster, can be very useful for aggro and spiders in the middle of the aggressive spectrum.
  • Ninja – Use with Triss to plant lots of eggs.
  • Lean Build – Use with Monkus to escape (and then lay more eggs).
  • Lightweight – Use this with any character to catch up with people.

Those are the perks that go really well with Spider as you want a lot of versatility and movement speed when playing Spider.

Starting items to use:

  • Stun Gun – For Escape.
  • Traps – For Escape.

You can use any starting weapon you want, but when playing Spider, you want to have a lot of movement speed and ways to escape, these are 2 of the best weapons to use and both are really good for escape.

Gameplay Until Armory

Scavenger Early Game

Grab Molotovs if you spawn near any and waste them, they can be used to destroy your eggs. If there are any cameras nearby you’re going to want to destroy those.

Grab and Alien Vaccines you come across as they can be used to slow down your progress, don’t waste them unless you’re going to be playing very aggressive.

If you aren’t using lightweight, you should always have 2 items in hand if you are any character but Silas, or are going into armory. So, if you see a shiv take it, finding an excuse to shiv someone is always great.

Using Stim Cola up so crew members can’t escape from aliens is a good idea.

Smoke bombs can be used to lay eggs in secret.

Shield batteries are not a great thing to get when playing spider, but if you have nothing else they work.

However, remember to never go way out of your way to do any of this, if you spawn NEAR one or have extra time when doing generators, then you should do some of this stuff, unless playing aggro spider you never want to be really suspicious early game as that can screw you over.

Laying Eggs Early Game

Having an Infestor and a Spider on the same team is a really good idea as it allows you to have an alibi for being outside the room. Laying eggs in doors is the best thing you can do, where people will hit it very often. Also in hallways like the one to C, A, and B are great places to put them.

Don’t put eggs in a room where nobody is going to go while doing generators.

When playing Spider, you should be out of the room just barely, one of the things I like to do is put them in cyborg cores early game.

One big things is that if someone is already on a generator and you lay an egg in the hallway going to it WHILE DOING THAT GENERATOR, they will suspect you and you will find yourself being killed a lot of the time for that.

Gameplay From Armory Until Cyborg Cores

Armory Time

By the time you hit armory, you should be able to transform. When playing mid-range on the aggressive spectrum, you’re always going to want to transform somewhere from after armory to middle of the 3rd generator phase. Make sure you always grab an armory weapon when playing any alien.

If you having perks that make you faster, you’re going to want to take a knife to be more aggressive, also, if you’re using lightweight you can drop your other weapon and just keep the knife.

Laying Eggs

Generally once you hit armory, you either wont need to lay any more eggs, or just a few. If you aren’t suspicious at this phase you’re going to want to stay non-suspicious and not lay many eggs.

When and Where to Transform

Important: Tell your teammate when you’re about to transform in Alien Chat so they can prepare to run.

Important: If you end up being right next to your teammate (transformed) with other people around, hit them no more than twice (you MUST hit them) and then try and re-target to someone else.

Transforming at Second Generator

If you have enough evolution points to transform at second generator you should do it. The best place is in the smoke hallway between repair room and D, or in the vent between B and C. Don’t transform if there’s not a place with a lot of people (3+).

Get 1 kill as fast as possible, just target one person that is not suspicious. If you can get two, or do a lot of damage to another person, go for it. If not, run back to your egg (where you transformed).

Transforming at Third Generator/Fourth Generator

When transforming here, you’re going to want to do it any run into the repair room. Target as many people as you can and do as much damage as you can to different people. When they scatter, go for the most confirmed crew member OR someone with a heavy weapon (A.K.A. Sledgehammer Sniper Mortar)

Transforming at Cyborg Cores

Go the last generator that crew had to do, generally you don’t want to be the one doing it. Make sure they don’t see you if possible and surprise them when you transform.

Transforming in General

Run into the generator/repair room and hit as many people as possible, try not to get stunned as that can be very bad. If anyone says “I found the Egg” at any time, run back to where you transformed and scare them off, if they end up finding out who you are when you come out, you should say its the other person and repeat that multiple times, louder than them if possible.


Important: Remember one thing, always make the most of your transformed time. If you die before cyborg cores you will respawn

In Repair Phase (Repair Room)

You enter the door, who do you go for?

  • Best Targets: Monkus, Otto, Sarrel, Silas, Triss, Xenna.
  • Bad Targets: Lucius (Damage Reduction) Virgil (Teleport Away) Niko (Can close doors).

Run in, do not use your web blaster yet as it is a waste of time, instead deal as much damage to the closest best targets and deal as much damage as possible, with luck you will kill them quick and be able to go for someone else still in sight. Run to them and DO use your web blaster, the run up to them and deal as much damage as possible.

  • If your egg is found after killing one person with time left always go to it.
  • If your egg is found right as you’re going to de-transform don’t worry about it.

Sidenote: If theres a group of people always go for them (I.E. Punchers, Smoke in the middle)

In Cyborg Core Phase (1v1)

In a 1v1 situation, getting quick shots then running away is Important, NEVER go in and just keep going in right on them, Cyborgs get more damage the more hits in a row they get (unless they are 1 or 2 hits from dying).

Instead, this is what you should do, hide being walls and peek out to web blaster every once if a while, if you get them run in and deal one/two hits of damage then run out. Repeat until <=2 shots from death.

In Cyborg Core Phase (1v2/3/4)

This is going to be a hard fight to win. If you end facing only one of them at a time, use the same tactic as before, if you’re fighting a lot of them at once there is one big thing you have to remember: “Take advantage of the third alien”. Them damaging each other is the only way you’re going to win. Make them go in on you and deal damage to each other when they swing at you or when they shoot at you. If you don’t keep this in mind you will lose for sure.

In Cyborg Core Phase (2v2)

Never fight both of them at the same time, have your teammate fight one and you fight the other, use the same tactic you did previously, shooting then taking cover. If you do end up fighting both of them, use the same tactic you did for the previous segment.

In Cyborg Core Phase (2v3/4)

When you’re in this situation, working with your teammate is key, try and sandwich 2 of them and seperate them from the rest of the group, killing anyone before they can get to cyborg cores is also very helpful. if you can do this, then you will win a lot of the time in this situation. If you cant and they all group up, remember the third alien strategy and try and get them to damage each other as much as possible (If in a 2v1 just go in with both teammates and deal as much damage as possible, don’t back away and used the chipshot tactic).

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