Tell Me Why – 100% Achievements Guide (Chapter #1)

Guidance for obtaining 100% achievements!

Chapter #1: Homecoming

All credit goes to Hanni!


Rear View Mirror
Leave Fireweed Residential Center

Enter the Ronan House

Bound To A Lie
Remember the night the twins agreed to lie

Chapter One
You completed Chapter One


We Need To Talk
Take time to talk things over with your twin.

Episode: A Big Wooden House

Sit down on any bench and have a chat with your twin. The first bench can be found in the backyard of the Ronan house:

This Is Despicable
When we say locked, it’s locked

Episode: A Big Wooden House

Try to open a locked door three times. Make sure that Alyson or Tyler say that the door is locked.

Crafty Goblins
Solve the puzzle on Mary-Ann’s door

Episode: A Big Wooden House

Solution: Moose – Bear – Pelican.

Full Confession
Make Tessa tell the twins everything she knows

Episode: Rashomon

You must find two pieces of evidence in Tessa’s office:

  • Use Tessa’s computer and read the e-mail “Alliance for Traditional Families”.
  • Open the locker and read all pages of the notebook labeled “2004”.

Correct answers during the confrontation:

  • October 2004
  • You told her about the camp
  • The Virtue Seekers Youth Camp

Hacking 101
Find the password to unlock the Police Station computer

Episode: To Serve And Protect

After receiving the keys from Eddy, enter the reception area and use the computer:

  • User: D. Wilson
  • Password: Salem


The Crafty Goblins

  • Episode: Long Time No See
  • Alyson: Story-related.
  • Tyler: Story-related.

The Mad Hunter

Episode: A Big Wooden House

Tyler: While in the stack, find the “Here be dragons” poster and go to the right:

The Wise Princess

Episode: A Big Wooden House

Tyler: Next to the bed in Mary-Ann’s room:

The Pious Pelican

Episode: Rashomon

Alyson: Inside the locker in Tessa’s office:

The Ice King

Episode: To Serve And Protect

Alyson: In the police station – in the back of the interrogation room behind the kitchen:

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